Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sometimes we just need to cry

Today is a bad day!

There isn’t just one single thing that makes this day bad but a multitude of many things. Tonight I was supposed to be going with Melissa to London but I didn’t realise how expensive the train was going to be. Normally there is a group of us which makes it cheaper but today there is just two of us so it is really expensive therefore I am not going. When I am trying to pay off my debts I cannot justify paying that much money out on some transport.

This started my bad mood

Then someone wasn’t nice to me at work, Now this person is nothing to me and too be honest I am more annoyed that I let him bother me than by what he did. Arse!

Then to top it off I wasn’t invited out at the weekend to a friend’s birthday. Now this wasn’t intentional and I know that but it was just the cherry on top and therefore I got in my car, I drove home and I cried. I would have stayed at work and done it but I didn’t have my make up with me so that was a serious no go!

Afterwards though I felt soo much better. I think I just needed the release to get it out of my system. I can now carry on my day with a smile on my face and a spring in my step (ok not true but glass half full)

I plan tonight to instead just get really really drunk and have a horrible hang over. Mature I know but I don’t care. If I am going to cry like a teenager then I am going to damn well drink like one J

Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend (if you are celebrating) and get to eat lots of chocolate. If you can’t do that this weekend, when can you?


Monday, 25 March 2013

Some girls are just crazy – fact

This is true and I myself am thrown into this statement as well. Proving just that this weekend L

Now I do believe that any girl who sees what I am about to write will think “yep this girl is nuts but I totally would think the same thing”

So where to start. Ok firstly yesterday it was Mr FWB’s birthday so Saturday night after I had been to my boss’ 50th surprise party I stayed at his. This was planned and not just a booty call. All was fine and we had a nice evening and then the next morning everything was good,

Then the crazy set in!

Obviously people wrote happy birthday to him on Facebook which is totally normal. However, there was one girl who wrote happy birthday and he liked it. He didn’t like anyone else’s (including mine) but he liked hers. Now I wouldn’t mind so much but this girl is pretty L and all I keep thinking is why? Is something going on, does he want something to go on. Hence crazy single girl comes out.

I spoke to super sidekick about this and she said I should just ask him but hell no. I don’t mind her and even you guys knowing I am a loon but to let him in on this fact is a no go area. Instead I will slowly let it annoy me, eat away at my insides all the while being really off with him. You know the sensible option.

So there you go proof that some girls are just crazy L


Friday, 22 March 2013

Not one for the boys

So being a single girl in today’s world is hard work. There are many reasons for this however I believe the hardest is the keeping up of appearances.

What I mean by this is how much work and effort we put into looking good for any potentials out there. We dye, paint, extend, expand and the worst I believe is we wax!

This leads me to talking about my wonderful waxing experience I had last night. Up until now I have always maintained my own lady jungle grooming however I decided this time I would let the professionals get their hands on me and wowzie can you say painful.

I am sure anyone who is reading this who has had the wonderful Brazilian done will know exactly the kind of pain I am referring to and are sitting there chuckling to themselves. For anyone who doesn’t know what a Brazilian is let me put it this way, they leave nothing! I mean nothing what so ever.

The woman who did mine is the normal lady I go to for all my beauty treatments and I feel last night we grew just that little bit closer. Let’s just say she had me in positions no man ever has and has heard me swear like no man ever has.

She even managed to convince me to go back in 3 weeks. I must be mad however I am promised this gets easier. I will believe it when I feel it!

So for any men reading this. You guys have it easy. You wash and shave your face and occasionally have a haircut but that is it! Your beauty regime is done. Now you know what he have to go through!

Have a good weekend all J


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A great holiday

Well I am back and it was great and I am sad it is over with. I cannot lie it was really hard work and I spent most of the time on my backside (I think I said I was snowboarding). Anyway it was good and I met some really nice people. No holiday romances unfortunately but that was ok.

Now I am back to work, what fun and I have actually been moved seats. I now sit on the same floor as Mr FWB. Brilliant. I have spoken to him whilst I was away and since I have been back but nothing too exciting. Hotel boy has rudely decided to act like I no longer exist which is strange. I messaged him last Saturday and heard nothing back and have seen him around work but he has avoided eye contact with me. Not a clue what happened there but I am not going to worry myself too much about it. If he wants to act silly then that is up to him.

In other news it looks like Dana’s relationship maybe a little rocky at the moment. I don’t know too many details except that she said they have been bickering a lot. I really do need to have a catch up with her.

Melissa is currently away at the moment but do believe she has been having some cheeky little rendezvous with her man friend whilst I have been out of the country. I wonder where that one will go. She is definitely more interested when he plays hard to get but come on what girl doesn’t like a little bit of a challenge?

I am not sure if I said or not but I think Olivia has kicked her guy to the curb. I think she realised he couldn’t offer her anything that she wanted. Not that she really knows what that is.

I think that is all there is for today. Just a quick update so you all knew that I didn’t kill myself up a mountain! J


Friday, 8 March 2013

Holiday yay!

Well I have to say I think I have been very reserved when it has come to bragging about the holiday I am going on tomorrow. Ok who am I kidding, I have just been too busy to think about it. Now I have a little more time there is only one thing to say…………


In the fairly early hours of the morning (ok 9am) I will be heading off to the airport to go snowboarding in Bulgaria with my family. Up until this holiday I have always skied but I thought this time I would try something a little different. I think the excitement has just hit me! Eeeek.

In other news I am prob off to see Mr FWB tonight. Well I need a little man fix and where better to go.

I am feeling a lot better today as well so it looks like everything is working out nicely

I won’t be posting for the next week obviously but I promise to do a good catch up when I get back. Hey you never know there may even be a little holiday romance on the slopes if I am lucky J

Have a good weekend and week all!


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Slightly uneventful

As much as I hate to admit this my weekend was actually quite uneventful. This was mostly down to me being hit with some nasty cold virus Friday evening and with me still having it now.

Unfortunately this meant that I couldn't go out Friday night with Melissa and that Saturday night when I did manage to get out I couldn't stay for long

I am not sure if I mentioned this or not but Saturday night I threw a friend a surprise birthday party which seemed to be a hit. The only problem is this is the friend who had more than friends feelings for me before who it seems has not changed those feelings. Even after we had “the talk”. Now I really do not know what to do as I don't want to cut him out of my life but I don't want him to misread things. I think I will just have to start distancing myself from him a little and pray he meets himself a nice girl.

There was a little bit of naughtiness this weekend. Out of the blue Mr FWB text me Saturday day asking if I fancied lunch which I responded with no but I could go for some sex. So off I trotted to his for a booty call and then carried on my day

Also things between Hotel boy and me progressed Sat night and we actually swapped phone numbers, up until now it had been Facebook (I don't know, kids these days and social networks). Anyway not sure that is going anywhere but it never hurts to explore your options once in a while.

Hope everyone else's weekend was better than mine or at least I hope no one was as ill as me!


Friday, 1 March 2013

What a week!

This has been such a busy week for me. I mentioned to you that I was going on a project with work and that actually started on Tuesday. I have been pretty much flat out since. Also my super sidekick has been ill so I have been covering her work with a lot of help from Mr Wise.

The project is going well and I am learning a lot. I also had to present my own section yesterday which was interesting as I wasn't sure how I was going to handle that. Apparently I did well!

Anyway in the private life. Mr FWB has decided once again that he isn't really going to speak to me which meh I don't care. Hotel boy strangely enough contacted me yesterday after not speaking to him since Sunday. Again not really bothered.

Still have my sights set on someone else at work. I am not sure if it is the challenge I enjoy more than the actual end product. I will however have that end product if it is the last thing I do :)

Tonight I am back home and Melissa and me are heading out for dinner for my sisters birthday followed by some drinks in our town.

I think she is hoping her fling will turn up but we will see. As long as he brings a friend I don't mind. To talk to people nothing else, get your minds out of the gutter!

Anyway best get back to work before I get caught having fun!

Have good weekends and hopefully Monday will bring an interesting post!