Sunday, 9 February 2014

The final goodbye

Well this is it, we have finally come to the end of this blog.

It has been nearly 2 years since I started writing it and honestly it only feels like yesterday time has gone that quickly.

I am sure you will all agree there have been some interesting times mostly ones involving alcohol.

So for the very last time I will give you an update on everyone

Dana - Well she has gone through some relationships but we end her story exactly how we started it and that is with her being single. One day she will find her guy it just isn't meant to be right now.

Melissa - Off travelling the world. She will always be my inspiration when it comes to taking chances and following your dreams. Until we meet again carry on being amazing and stay safe. See you in Canada!

Olivia - Sailing around the world she also is living her dream. Fingers crossed when she gets to see the guy she likes again all will be perfect and they will fall happily in love if not then like the rest of us she will make the most of her life and not let being single keep her from doing what she wants to do.

Mr Wise - Tuesday he leaves to start his new life in Canada and I wish him all the best. He has been there for me throughout this whole blogs life and there isn't a person on this Earth who knows more about me than him. See you next year my friend!

And finally me - Soon I will be heading off on my travels and I cannot wait. I have had my ups and downs mostly involving the lovely Mr FWB but now it is time to pack up and move on. I am going off to find my Mr perfect where ever he may be.

Thank you everyone for reading this and giving me somewhere to rant and express myself. I really have enjoyed it and you have all been a great audiance.

Just remember, follow your dreams, take chances and most of all have one hell of a good time! Until we meet again!


Sunday, 2 February 2014

That sliding doors moment

Yesterday was Mr Wises leaving drinks session

It was very messy to say the least. We started at about 1:30 and by 8ish I was suitably drunk. It was a great gathering and it just proves that he will be missed so very much. Me above most will miss him a lot as he has been with me through all the thick and thin and too be honest there are not many people in this world I would call a true friend however he is one of them.

So the sliding doors moment. Mr FWB was at the leaving drinks and like always was being very flirty and suggestive to me. I resisted the best I could however I tend to lose sense when I am drunk and it doesn't take much for me to be swayed into doing naughty things.

Anyway he left the event about 5 mins before I did however we were both catching a train home. Now I knew if I got on that train with him the night would end in the same way it always did and with me regretting things in the morning.

So I walked up to the train station still not deciding whether I wanted to get on the train or not and when I got there it was sat in the station waiting to leave. I had two choices get on the train and end up back at square one or stand by and watch the doors close.

I watched the doors close!

I hope you all had a great weekend - I know I certainly did and for once without any regrets