Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Men are also crazy – fact!

This is just a very quick post to mention how crazy some men are. They like to think it is just us females but this is not true. We are emotional and yes sometimes get a little out of control but we are not the only ones.

Hotel boy is driving me up the wall. First he ignored me, followed by messaging me like everything is fine and then moaning that I never ask him any questions. Uh excuse me, maybe if you answered me in the first place I would be encouraged to ask some more. He then proceeded to get a serious attitude with me about how he forget and for me to basically deal with it.

Not sure if he is trying the treat them mean keep them keen thing but it is not working with me. At the end of the day he is purely entertainment for me and nothing else. If I was that bothered I would try and make more of an effort to see him however I suppose always in the back of my mind is that I am leaving.

Anyway I am sure he will come crawling back at some point this week like he always does. This time however maybe I will ignore him!


Thursday, 23 May 2013

The normal update

I felt it was time once again to do a catch up on what has been going on in the lives of the Singlegirl blog.
Let’s start with Dana. So I think the last time I mentioned her she was having doubts about her relationship and whether it was what she wanted. Well she went on holiday with Mr Club (he is the manager of a nightclub) and it seems the spark came back. The last I heard from her all was going well. How long for I do not know. I do really want her to settle I just do not know if she has it in her.
Next there is Melissa, well as you know she has left me for a greater life. Ok not so much but she has gone travelling which is great. As for any men in her life, there isn’t anyone at the moment but certainly a lot of people she likes to have fantasy lives with. As long as she doesn’t get too caught up in it all then it is all good. I am sure she will get to have lots of fun “out on the road”.
Then there is Olivia. I really cannot remember what I last told you about her so apologise if I repeat things. She was seeing “in secret” a guy we both know but that has ended which I am thankful about as I think he was just leading her on. She ended things I think or more to the point stopped contacting him. Otherwise she is just working and saving so she can head off travelling again soon. There is one thing I forget to tell you all. We are going on holiday. Yay! That’s Olivia and me, not you guys and me J. We are heading off to sunny old Spain for a few days in about a month. I cannot wait and working my backside off in the gym to try and get some sort of bikini body ready.
Then I suppose I could update you with what is going on with me (not that you don’t know most of it). Well let’s see, Hotel boy has actually just stopped talking to me. No reason what so ever and things were fine but he literally just stopped replying to my messages. I am not sure if that is an age thing (he is young) or if all guys would just not reply. I think they need to realise that girls can take what you need to tell them and it actually makes it easier. Anyway I have said it before and I will say it again. His loss!
Also as I said I have booked a holiday with Olivia so whilst I am working away from home I am spending a lot of time in the gym and trying very hard to not drink any alcohol. I have also found somewhere new to live. It is with a couple of girls close to my work which is pretty exciting. Hopefully we all get on well and it is a nice place to live. I am only doing it for 6 months as I am determined to get myself to Australia at the end of the year.
You will also be surprised to hear that I have not had sex in a whole month. This has been completely my own choice and a challenge Melissa and I set. It also isn’t like I haven’t had the opportunity because I have; I just decided to give men a break for a while. Now I think it is time to get back on that horse J

Friday, 17 May 2013

The end of an era :-(

Well people the time has come for Melissa to leave me and head off on her travels again. I genuinely cannot believe it has been a year since she arrived. It really only feels like yesterday I was telling you all that she had gotten her visa and was on her way.

Wow what a year it has been though. I am not going to lie and say it has been all completely plain sailing because it hasn't. We have had our arguments and disagreements and damn right gotten on each others nerves but boy I honestly can say I don't think I have ever spent any other year laughing as much as I did this one. From the breaking of my bed when we first moved in to the high fiveing each other as we swapped rooms at the year end party it has certainly been eventful. Sometimes even damn right shameful but who cares we enjoyed it!

I am going to miss her like crazy as she is the best friend who all those little things on facebook are about. You know the ones where they say things like

“When you're in jail, a good friend will be trying to bail you out. A best friend will be in the cell next to you saying, 'Damn, that was fun'.”

Well that most definitely sums up our friendship and I honestly cannot wait to see her again. Tonight in true Melissa and Singlegirl fashion we will be tearing up the town in our high heels and short dresses, dancing like we don't have a care in the world. You never know the above statement may actually end up true!

So here's to my very good friend! All I have left to say is - wine Wednesday won't be the same without you!


Monday, 13 May 2013

Exciting news

So I can now shout it from the rooftops. My super sidekick is pregnant. Yep that’s right totally and completely up the duff.

I have had to keep this a secret for what feels like forever but she has now had her 12 week scan so I can open my big mouth and tell the world. I honestly do not know how I have managed to keep quiet for so long. I am terrible at keeping secrets. I think this one is different though as I am very much about tempting fate and would have been devastated if I had told people and something terrible had happened.

Anyway I didn’t and it didn’t so we can all be happy now

I am trying to get my head around how I feel about it. She is younger than I am so part of me is thinking should it be me (not in the jealous way) but more of should my life have gone that way rather than what is going on now. Then the other part is thinking dear lord what would I do if it was me and that scares the life out me.

I think one thing I know for sure, I am certainly not ready to have any children of my own anytime soon. Not that I have a choice right now with being the “Singlegirl”. However I think one day I might entertain the idea. Who knows. Need to find that Mr Right first.

Speaking of Mr Right, I had a conversation with Hotel Boy Friday night (and before you all jump up and shout at me, I am not saying he is my Mr Right) however we did have a very interesting conversation about moving away and living some dream life. As Melissa said though we are not too sure that he doesn’t realise I am being serious J. Not that any of that matters now as the boy has done his normal hot and cold thing and is now being really distant. Up to him if he wants to be a game player, I just hope he stops before I get bored of him.

The rest of my weekend went by with fun, laughter and a little bit of Karaoke. All in all a good weekend J


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Don't judge a book by its cover

So I have spoken about Hotel boy and Mr FWB quite a lot recently (Mr FWB a lot over the past year) and I just wanted to comment on how very very different in appearance they are to each other.

One is tall, muscular and exercises like a trooper whilst the other one is short (not that short) slim and if asked to run anywhere would more than likely keel over and die (I don't know enough about him to confirm this but he doesn't look the sort to run on a treadmill). Anyway as I said they are very different to each other.

So when I first told people I was attracted to Hotel boy they were pretty shocked but they didn't know him and this was completely based on his appearance. They couldn't understand why I would be interested in him.

I think this is quite sad as people genuinely do judge a book by its cover. They don't get to know the person before deciding they are no good but just purely based on looks they pass an opinion. Now no one has really said to me, I don't think you should like him because of his personality. Nope they just make fun of him. Now I am to blame on this one for some of it as I did make up a nickname for him however that was when he was being and arse and therefore I was allowed to.

I don't think people realise that if we were to all fancy the same people there would be a lot of lonely people out there.

As my mother always told me - beauty is in the eye of the beholder - which is so very true.

So just as a ending piece of advice

Before you pass comment try to look past appearances and actually talk about what is going on on the inside of a person!


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Men, who would have them?!

That's right I am done with them. They are soo moody. Worse than any woman! Ok I am not really done with them but I am certainly fed up with them.

Things were fine with Hotel boy and after our recent "get it off our chests" moment we were actually getting along. And then Sunday happened...

Again things were fine to begin with but please can someone tell me why anyone thinks it is a good idea to have an in depth conversation over text message when you are drunk. Let me let you into a little secret - it is a terrible idea.

We ended up having a fight over some stupid misunderstanding (his fault) and now aren't really talking to each other again. It is really frustrating as I should just bin him off but that boy for some reason or another has gotten under my skin. The only good thing that has come out of this stupid situation is that I really do think I am finally over Mr FWB. Normally I would have run to him to try and grab any kind of affection I could but not this time. Actually I am not even really sure I gave him a second thought! A breakthrough :-)

Ooo there is something juicy that did happen this weekend though. Melissa had sexual relations with 2 different men. It is strange as we have kind of traded places when it comes to that. Fair play to her I say - well of course I would!

On a sad note a friend of mine is currently going through a break up which is never nice to see. When you watch something like that it makes you wonder why you even bother in the first place. I am not a pessimistic person though and am still hopeful I will find my Mr Right. Maybe I just need to stay away from hotels!


Thursday, 2 May 2013

Suddenly I see

If anyone who works in any sort of profit business they will understand how busy month ends can be. Hence once again my delay in writing an update to my single life.

Normally I would do this when I am "working" however recently I have had someone sitting with me and I think she may have put two and two together very quickly and realise this isn't technically anything to do with my day job!

Anyway even though it is Thursday I am still feeling warm and fuzzy inside about my weekend. Let's start with Friday.

I wasn't supposed to be going out however at the last minute a friend messaged me and asked if I fancied joining her and some of her friends for a night out in town. It didn't take long for me to decide that it was a great idea so off I went with them! It has to be one of the funniest nights out in town I have had for a long time. We danced, we drunk, we laughed, I messaged a boy.

Bet you can't guess who it was. Nope it wasn’t FWB! Ha, so there. It was hotel boy. What started off with me having ago at him and us arguing soon turned into Saturday us having some very interesting conversations, if you know what I mean. Anyway even if nothing comes of this, which I very much doubt it will, I genuinely have seen a new light when it comes to Mr FWB! For once I want someone else to contact me and if anything when I receive contact from him I am a little disappointed. This doesn't mean I am really keen, wanting a relationship with hotel boy. It just means that in two years someone else has finally gotten my attention. A huge breakthrough I feel :)

Anyway back to the weekend. Saturday night I went to see Pink in concert after spending a very tipsy but hilarious day in London and she was amazing. Then Sunday I did the normal boring life things and relaxed.

I have to say that it was one of the best weekends I have had in the longest time and come Sunday I was all happy and dare I say it, giddy!

So for anyone reading this who made it so special, thank you. You guys really are the best!

I feel a new chapter coming on soon!