Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Great news

So the last few days has brought along some great news for my friends.

Firstly Mr Wise has been granted his visa to Canada which is brilliant and I am so happy for him. He has been waiting for this for so long and now finally he can start his experience. I just hope he doesn’t go too soon. I am not ready to let go of him just yet.

Secondly this morning I found out my best male friends wife had her baby. A little baby boy. I can’t wait to see them all together. I am not sure my friend quite realises what he has let himself in for though.

Other than that not a huge amount has been happening with me. I am not sure if I have told you or not but both of my roomies are leaving the house to go elsewhere so we have been looking for a new roommate. This weekend we found one. A boy! I am sure it will be fine but I did not have the greatest of experiences with the last one. We will see.

My weekend was mostly spent sleeping. Boring I know but I feel so much better for it. The weekend coming is going to be very hectic with the dreaded Half Year End party (I am sure we all remember what happened at the last one) on Friday and then I am out with Dana on Saturday so maybe the rest in advance was a good thing.

I hope you all had a good weekend


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The weekend

Other than the Mr no longer FWB incident I actually had a pretty good weekend

Friday night I was really tired from being away from home so decided to have a quiet night in. I ended up watching a film which I found quite boring and texting people. I did however hear from one person I didn’t expect to. Hotel boy.

So the last time I spoke to him was about 3 months ago and then Friday out of the blue he messaged me basically asking me how I was. I was polite with my reply but that was all. I have no interest in him so do not want to start having a conversation with him. End of!

Saturday I had a BBQ at mine with the roomies and some friends. It was actually a really good day and we proceeded to drunkenly head into town. That was pretty un eventful and we just mostly danced and drunk. I did meet a nice guy though but I am not interested in him like that which is a shame as he really was lovely.

I genuinely just don’t think I am interested in anyone. It all seems like too much hard work to me. Also with me leaving soonish what is the point in starting anything to only have to leave it!

Yesterday I started my “diet” type thing again which now consists of doing a workout that some of you may have heard of called “Insanity”. Well let me tell you now, it is blooming hard! I better see some good results at the end of this!


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mr FWB now without the F, W or B

So sorry for the lack of post recently but they wouldn’t upload so I have had to rely on other people to do it for me. It looks like it is now ok so I promise there will be a lot more posts this week.

So I told you about the upset I had the other day about Mr FWB and the girl, well it would seem that my suspicions were true and they are dating. I knew this day would come and I guess now it is here I am not sat waiting for it anymore. I am still hurt though and not because he is dating someone but more because of the way he has treated me since he started seeing her. He has basically acted as if I do not exist which I think after 2 years that is a little mean. I understand he probably didn’t want me to think anything of it if he did speak to me but he could have been a grown up and just explained that to me.

For that reason I have now cut him from my life. I have removed him from Facebook and Twitter and I will be blocking any communication from him at work. He has no reason to speak to me now so I do not want to hear from him. I very much doubt he will even try to anyway. It isn’t like he made an effort to be my friend the last couple of months, why should he start now.

I think it is time to get back on that bucket list of mine and get some more things crossed off. I do not need a man for that!

I hope you all had a good weekend. I am currently laying on the sofa dying from a pretty heavy night out last night (more on that later)


Monday, 15 July 2013


This weekend I learned that two girls who I used to be very close with had gotten either engaged or pregnant and it made me reflect on friends and what they actually mean to me. 

Now I do not know why these girls are no longer my friends. It was their choices and they never actually told me the reasons behind their decisions. Anyway I am not bothered about it and I guess people are just funny like that.

It did however make me think about how I felt about friendships these days and what I do differently now to how I used to act.

I guess one thing I am more aware is how some people do not actually make an equal effort when it comes to making contact etc. I have often asked certain people if they want to do things to have them say no and then never actually ask me in return. It is quite a lot of the time very one-sided for one reason or another and I think these days I have realised this a lot more and therefore not contacted those people to see if I hear from them or not. You can probably guess the outcome of that little experiment.

As I said though I am ok with this a lot more now than I was when I was younger, as it just makes the real true friends stand out more and these are the people I want to spend investing my time in. It is funny because I think some of "the book" could be used towards friends as well as men and maybe I should use some of the suggestions for a lot more things in my life!

Anyway I hope you all had a good weekend and for my English readers you are enjoying the very rare summer weather!


Thursday, 11 July 2013

They do because they can

Recently I posted about a book I had started reading called “Act like a lady, think like a man” well I have now finished it and wow does it have some interesting ideas.

I will not go through it completely as some of you may want to read it yourself but I will mention some key points it comes up with.

So first things first and this really is a palm against head thing, men treat us women badly purely and simply because we let them. (This is the same vice versa however this book is for women so in this instance I will speak about how men act). Us woman it is known love a bad boy who we can change. Well ladies we can’t. If they do not see you as the relationship type then you will never be that type for them. They won’t wake up one morning and suddenly think “wow she is the one for me”. Especially not if they know they can have their cake and eat it.

The book is very much about knowing what you want, saying what you want and walking away if you do not get it. My 2 years with Mr FWB has proven that and I really wish I had read this book back then. I would have looked at him and realised that I was never going to be what he was looking for. If I had been he would have made me his girlfriend within a short space of time and been proud to show me off.

If of course you are not genuinely looking for a relationship then carry on sleeping with men but do not get upset when they do not show you any respect. You haven’t laid down rules therefore there is no reason for them to follow them.

The other interesting thing the book speaks about is the “90 day rule”. Basically do not sleep with a man for 90 days but date and get to know each other instead. Now I have spoken to different people about this and some agree and some do not. This of course is down to the individual however just to maybe support it a little I have an interesting fact about myself. The last guy I made wait a good amount of time was the man I married!

I am really interested in getting a males opinion on the book and whether he thinks there is anything behind it. Maybe I will ask Mr Wise for his assistance J

Anyway ladies who are reading this, if you are looking for a relationship do not let a man play around thinking you will change him and all the men out there reading this – we ladies are on to you. Watch out!


Monday, 8 July 2013

Annoyed at being annoyed

Happy Monday – said no one ever, however as the sun is shining I feel I can say it. Might as well have some cheer on what is possibly the worst day of the week (unless of course you work weekends then I suppose any day is the worst)

I have just returned from my long needed holiday to Spain and I had a great time. No gossip I am afraid because unless I wanted to get together with either a 16 year old or an 18 year old my choices were pretty limited. Not that it bothered me too much as it was more about just getting away for a bit. Olivia and myself mostly spent the time sunbathing and eating. Not so great for my diet but hell I was on holiday.

Whilst I was away though I did get a bit fed up. Long story short I saw something on Mr FWB’s Facebook page and it annoyed me. Now it could be innocent and even if it isn’t it doesn’t have anything to do with me however my issue is it did bother me.

I am so fed up with getting annoyed and I am getting even angrier with myself when I do get annoyed. I am just wondering when it is all going to stop! When will these little things not get me worked up and frustrated?!

Right head up high and walk on proud. Only 8 months until I leave J

Anyway I hope you had great weekends. I finally finished the book I was reading and I will give you an update on that later. Let’s just say it certainly got me thinking differently.