Thursday, 11 July 2013

They do because they can

Recently I posted about a book I had started reading called “Act like a lady, think like a man” well I have now finished it and wow does it have some interesting ideas.

I will not go through it completely as some of you may want to read it yourself but I will mention some key points it comes up with.

So first things first and this really is a palm against head thing, men treat us women badly purely and simply because we let them. (This is the same vice versa however this book is for women so in this instance I will speak about how men act). Us woman it is known love a bad boy who we can change. Well ladies we can’t. If they do not see you as the relationship type then you will never be that type for them. They won’t wake up one morning and suddenly think “wow she is the one for me”. Especially not if they know they can have their cake and eat it.

The book is very much about knowing what you want, saying what you want and walking away if you do not get it. My 2 years with Mr FWB has proven that and I really wish I had read this book back then. I would have looked at him and realised that I was never going to be what he was looking for. If I had been he would have made me his girlfriend within a short space of time and been proud to show me off.

If of course you are not genuinely looking for a relationship then carry on sleeping with men but do not get upset when they do not show you any respect. You haven’t laid down rules therefore there is no reason for them to follow them.

The other interesting thing the book speaks about is the “90 day rule”. Basically do not sleep with a man for 90 days but date and get to know each other instead. Now I have spoken to different people about this and some agree and some do not. This of course is down to the individual however just to maybe support it a little I have an interesting fact about myself. The last guy I made wait a good amount of time was the man I married!

I am really interested in getting a males opinion on the book and whether he thinks there is anything behind it. Maybe I will ask Mr Wise for his assistance J

Anyway ladies who are reading this, if you are looking for a relationship do not let a man play around thinking you will change him and all the men out there reading this – we ladies are on to you. Watch out!


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