Monday, 8 July 2013

Annoyed at being annoyed

Happy Monday – said no one ever, however as the sun is shining I feel I can say it. Might as well have some cheer on what is possibly the worst day of the week (unless of course you work weekends then I suppose any day is the worst)

I have just returned from my long needed holiday to Spain and I had a great time. No gossip I am afraid because unless I wanted to get together with either a 16 year old or an 18 year old my choices were pretty limited. Not that it bothered me too much as it was more about just getting away for a bit. Olivia and myself mostly spent the time sunbathing and eating. Not so great for my diet but hell I was on holiday.

Whilst I was away though I did get a bit fed up. Long story short I saw something on Mr FWB’s Facebook page and it annoyed me. Now it could be innocent and even if it isn’t it doesn’t have anything to do with me however my issue is it did bother me.

I am so fed up with getting annoyed and I am getting even angrier with myself when I do get annoyed. I am just wondering when it is all going to stop! When will these little things not get me worked up and frustrated?!

Right head up high and walk on proud. Only 8 months until I leave J

Anyway I hope you had great weekends. I finally finished the book I was reading and I will give you an update on that later. Let’s just say it certainly got me thinking differently.



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