Friday, 27 September 2013

The changing of the mind

Ok so I know it is quite late to update you on my weekend gone but I guess better late than never!

Friday night I headed to Olivia's who I haven't seen for ages and potentially may not see again for a very long time L

Anyway we just stayed in, watched TV and ate pizza catching up and recounting all of our funny stories from travelling! We also got on to the subject of men we had slept with and I showed her pictures of some of my recent conquests. She thought it was funny how none of them were similar to the other and she couldn't get a clear picture of my "type" of guy.

I think this proves that I am not really that fussy when it comes to sleeping to guys, however could I have seen myself settle down with any of them? Nope! I hope this doesn't make me sound like a bit of a floozy (or a less polite word) but I have never seen sex as something that is just done with someone you love. It isn't the way I was brought up to think like this and although my parents are not prudes we didn't really discuss sex that much. I am genuinely not sure where I get this view from but I know my brother and sister think the same as me. I see sex as a satisfaction thing. You fancy someone enough to do that and ultimately there is pretty much only one goal in my mind. Enjoy it as much as you can J

So back to my weekend. Saturday night Olivia and I went out in her town which whilst it was nice I felt like everyone looked the same, including me. Where I live you get all sorts of people on a night out and that's what I like about it! I am not saying I want to stand out but I certainly do not want to blend into a crowd.

We drunk cocktails and danced which was fun however I do have a confession to make. I was in contact with someone who has been mentioned in this blog before however I am not going to tell you who. Let's just say he was basically asking me what I wanted from him and hinting towards us having some kind of relationship which I squashed straight away and ended the conversation.

Funny how something you thought you once wanted actually turns out to be the last thing on your mind!

Have a good weekend all


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

We are not all the same!

I have found I do my best blogging when I am laying in bed left to my own thoughts so I think this is when I am going to do it going forward.

I just don't have time during the day and that is only going to get busier when my super sidekick leaves next week! Eeek!

Last Monday I had a great day off and met a friend in London for lunch and what turned into a bottle of wine. We were reminiscing about the old days at school and we both agreed that we would never want to go back.

We then got onto the subject of the future and at one point she asked (and not in a nasty way) when will would become a grown up and settle down?! My response to that simply was "why do I ever have to". After sitting there for a while she turned to me and just replied with "well I guess you don't actually have to do you?!".

This is going to be a question I think I am going face a few times as my adventure to Australia draws closer. I do not however this is going to come from older people but more the ones who are my age and who are looking for something different out of life. So far anyone older has always just said how they wished they had when they had the chance. Firstly I do not think they have missed their chance but secondly if they have I do not want to be one of those people. Wishing!

I guess it would all be a bit boring if we all were and wanted the same things!


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Getting Some Standards

Last night I was watching this programme called Girlfriends and basically what is about is 3 girls looking for boyfriends. The way they go about it is a bit like intensive speed dating and they all sit whilst 100 guys come through and tells them about themselves. As they are doing this the girls have to decide on the spot whether they want to date them or not, however they are only allowed to pick 3.

This is dangerous as they could potentially pick 3 and then find something better comes along or they could wait hoping for something better and find they end up with no one.

It got me thinking about relationships in real life (not that this isn't real but you know what I mean). For someone like me who isn't looking to settle with just anyone, am I in fact setting my sights too high or am I right to know what I want and only go for it. Whilst watching the programme I was mentally making a list of requirements if I could build my perfect man and so far I have come up with the following;

Tall - needs to be about 5ft 11 or above (I like high heels and I want them to be taller than me)

They like to keep in shape

They have a good career or have goals

They want to see the world

They can drive (you would think this was a given but you would be surprised the amount of guys I have dated who can't)

They are adventurous

They are clean (no hairy smelly people thank you - be there done that)

They don't smoke

They don't mind having a drink

They like to dance (they don't have to actually be able to but at least be willing to get up and try)

They are intelligent

They dress well

And most of all they have to have a good sense of humour and be able to make me laugh
Surely this isn't too much to ask or is it??


Saturday, 14 September 2013


So I am a little sad My roommate Carly left last night and I didn't realise how much I was going to miss her. I haven't found someone like her in such a long time. We genuinely were like two peas in a pod. She has gone to a great place and I wish her all the best. Doesn't stop me being sad about the brilliant times we had together and how few of those we will have now (I plan to visit her so there will still be some). My new roommate was not at all what I expected. For starters it is a boy so long gone are the nights of gossiping about men and drinking wine and he seems to very much keep to himself. Luckily I do not spend too much time at home so I am not too bothered about it. Carly leaving has once again made me reflect on friends and what they mean to me. She was such a strong independant woman that didn't rely on me for anything but just being her friend. Some others are not like that. Recently I have had friends lie to me, ask my opinion and then when they didn't like the response get moody and friends who literally take no time to care about how I feel. It isn't all doom and gloom though as I still have those friends who I know I can always count on no matter what and once again I will say that those are the people I will focus my energy on and not the users and grumps :o) This week once again was just living in a hotel and dreaming of my soon to be new life. Carly leaving has made me realise how much I really cannot wait for my epic journey to start. I have a few days off work now which is great as I was starting to get a little stressed with it all and needed the break. Monday I am heading into London to lunch with a friend and then Tuesday I need to sort out packing as I am away for a couple of weeks working and seeing Olivia in the middle (super excited about that) I think I need a hobby or some more focus on my bucket list. Time to stop being lazy and get on with it! Hope you are all having a great weekend! Sorry for the layout of the post but my PC is broken so it wont let me upload correctly and normally I rely on Mr Wise to do it for me (not sure he would appreciate me interrupting his weekend) -x-

Monday, 9 September 2013

So many emotions, not enough time

Happy Monday people!

It is cold, wet and miserable here in the UK so I thought rather than the normal grumpy Monday morning post I would try being a little more upbeat, hence the “Happy Monday”.

I had a good active weekend this weekend gone which I always love. I am not one who can sit around doing nothing and when people say things like “Oh I am just having a chilled one this weekend” I never really know what that means. I can imagine people just sitting around on their sofas in their PJ’s watching rubbish TV and eating. Now whilst I do not mind doing that for maybe a couple of hours I certainly cannot do it for a whole weekend. I have a bit of an attention issue and always find myself getting distracted by my phone or just really bored and fidgety.

Anyway my weekend was not “chilled” at all. Friday night I went out with my roomie (the girl one) and got rather drunk. There were no dramas and it was just a nice night which saw us end it at 4am Saturday morning sat on our living room floor eating pizza.

Saturday morning (yes morning) my Mum came round to take me to a snowboarding lesson we had booked. It was really good fun and definitely something we will do again before I head off to the great Oz.

Saturday night I was supposed to be going bowling with the family and friends but there was a problem at the bowling alley so we ended up playing board games at my sisters. Who doesn’t love a board game night.

Yesterday I went for a 3 mile run followed by removing sofas and replacing them with new ones at the house (not so exciting).

Now I titled this post as “So many emotions, not enough time” because in that weekend I went through the following ones

A little stress

And to top it all off an emotion I could not describe. Basically I found out that my ex-husband was having a baby with someone else and I genuinely didn’t know what to feel. I talked it over with my Mum and she thinks in a strange way I feel betrayed. Even though we have not been together for a long time I suppose I still see him as partly mine. My first love, my first marriage, my first divorce (and last I hope).

Emotions are funny things aren’t they. I saw Mr FWB on Friday and I certainly had some emotions about him!

Anyway I hope you all had a chilled/active weekend (depending on how you like i) J


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wow what a weekend

Hey guys, sorry for the late weekend update but boy was it an interesting one

Friday night was a bit of a miss. I won’t go into too much detail as I am over it now but let’s just say some people from work let me down a little bit and therefore I was left with no plans sat watching TV on my sofa

Saturday night however was not boring at all. It was all a bit dramatic if I am honest.

The day started out like any normal day. I went shopping, had a sunbed (yes I do that) and got ready to go and see my friend. You may remember previously me mentioning her, she is the girl who split up with her husband last year and got a new boyfriend. Well she moved with him closer to where I lived so I decided to pay her a visit.

We spent the afternoon catching up and having some wine in the garden (has to be done when it is sunny) and then in the evening we headed out to her local town for some dinner and drinking. Well my friends this is where the day took an amazing twist.

Now before I carry on I want to let you know that when I drink I am a pretty loving person, so much more so than when I am sober. However that night you would have certainly thought differently.

We ended up meeting up with her boyfriend and his friends. Whilst the friends were lovely her boyfriend was an utter tool and got so drunk that all he wanted to do was pick fights all the time. Anyway he got carried away and for no reason started shouting and threatening me. Obviously I was not going to stand for this and in a very classy way I stood up, told him never to talk to me in that way again and threw my drink (still in the bottle) at him. Before you all go “Whoa noo” the bottle was plastic and had it been anything else I would have never done it. Just to add to this it was filled with a very sticky orange drink which went all over him J

Ok I shouldn’t be proud but he did deserve it – I promise

Anyway that ended the night and I headed back to theirs and left pretty early in the morning. He is not someone I really wanted spend too much time with.

Sunday was spent feeling sorry for myself and watching my new male roommate move in (more on that to come)

I hope your weekends were a little better than mine and you didn’t have to throw anything at any one