Wednesday, 25 September 2013

We are not all the same!

I have found I do my best blogging when I am laying in bed left to my own thoughts so I think this is when I am going to do it going forward.

I just don't have time during the day and that is only going to get busier when my super sidekick leaves next week! Eeek!

Last Monday I had a great day off and met a friend in London for lunch and what turned into a bottle of wine. We were reminiscing about the old days at school and we both agreed that we would never want to go back.

We then got onto the subject of the future and at one point she asked (and not in a nasty way) when will would become a grown up and settle down?! My response to that simply was "why do I ever have to". After sitting there for a while she turned to me and just replied with "well I guess you don't actually have to do you?!".

This is going to be a question I think I am going face a few times as my adventure to Australia draws closer. I do not however this is going to come from older people but more the ones who are my age and who are looking for something different out of life. So far anyone older has always just said how they wished they had when they had the chance. Firstly I do not think they have missed their chance but secondly if they have I do not want to be one of those people. Wishing!

I guess it would all be a bit boring if we all were and wanted the same things!


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