Friday, 27 September 2013

The changing of the mind

Ok so I know it is quite late to update you on my weekend gone but I guess better late than never!

Friday night I headed to Olivia's who I haven't seen for ages and potentially may not see again for a very long time L

Anyway we just stayed in, watched TV and ate pizza catching up and recounting all of our funny stories from travelling! We also got on to the subject of men we had slept with and I showed her pictures of some of my recent conquests. She thought it was funny how none of them were similar to the other and she couldn't get a clear picture of my "type" of guy.

I think this proves that I am not really that fussy when it comes to sleeping to guys, however could I have seen myself settle down with any of them? Nope! I hope this doesn't make me sound like a bit of a floozy (or a less polite word) but I have never seen sex as something that is just done with someone you love. It isn't the way I was brought up to think like this and although my parents are not prudes we didn't really discuss sex that much. I am genuinely not sure where I get this view from but I know my brother and sister think the same as me. I see sex as a satisfaction thing. You fancy someone enough to do that and ultimately there is pretty much only one goal in my mind. Enjoy it as much as you can J

So back to my weekend. Saturday night Olivia and I went out in her town which whilst it was nice I felt like everyone looked the same, including me. Where I live you get all sorts of people on a night out and that's what I like about it! I am not saying I want to stand out but I certainly do not want to blend into a crowd.

We drunk cocktails and danced which was fun however I do have a confession to make. I was in contact with someone who has been mentioned in this blog before however I am not going to tell you who. Let's just say he was basically asking me what I wanted from him and hinting towards us having some kind of relationship which I squashed straight away and ended the conversation.

Funny how something you thought you once wanted actually turns out to be the last thing on your mind!

Have a good weekend all


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