Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hump day

Good morning all!

It is hump day. Yay! For any of you who are unaware what that means, basically it is the middle of the week. So for Monday and Tuesday we are heading up the hump, Wednesday we balance on the top before whizzing down the other side to towards the weekend :)

Anyway what did the weekend hold in store for me? Friday I went to a concert in London which was good fun then Saturday I managed to convince my sister into inviting me over for dinner. All pretty tame really.

Monday was a sad day for me. My super sidekick left to go on her maternity leave so we had her leaving meal and hugged and got all emotional. I am happy for her and I find change exciting but isn't going to stop me missing her!

I also found out Monday that one of my friends marriage had basically ended which was a bit of a shock. I gave the person a bit of a pep talk as they said they were embarrassed it hadn't lasted very long but as I said as long as they put in the effort to try and make it work that's all anyone can ask and anyway who really cares what other people think!

Hope you all had good weekends


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