Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The final goodbye to Mr FWB

So after the last 18 months of me writing this, Mr FWB has played a huge part of the story. Well today is going to be the last time he is mentioned and I am putting all that to bed.

At one point throughout the time I genuinely thought I may have loved him and I am not sure I have said that to anyone actually I do not think I have even admitted it to myself before now. However what I really think I was in love with was the thought of him. I was so in denial about his ways that I built him up in my head to be something he wasn’t and was never going to be. I dreamt of us being together but in that dream he was not a womanising untrustworthy fool. He was a gentleman who cared about me and treated me like a princess. Anyone who knows me and knows him knows that this was a very elaborate dream.

Anyway I found out at the weekend that I think him and his new girlfriend are living together and whilst at first this really stung and I couldn’t help thinking that why wasn’t I good enough I soon realised that in his eyes no one was going to be. This girlfriend is the new flavour of the month and I am sad to say that knowing him she won’t be the only flavour going around in his life.

On Sunday night I was still a little hurt about everything and then I went on twitter and had a little sneak peak at what he had been writing (come on I am a girl, we are allowed to snoop) and like a slap in the face I was brought back to down Earth with a bump over something he wrote. It was such a short little statement but it was so him. It was everything he was about and for once I was so thankful that I wasn’t with him. This is the first time I have genuinely felt like this and honestly believe I have escaped what would have been hell. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling like a weight had been lifted and I smiled. I was honestly happy.

So this is it. Mr FWB will never play a part in this blog again. Time to close the book on that chapter and start living my life for the future

And just on the off chance his girlfriend is reading this – I just want to say good luck because you are really going to need it


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