Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Fail

Ok so my roommate failed. I was so hoping she wouldn’t but I wasn’t surprised to see it happen.

Let me paint a picture for you. We go out Sat night, she gets drunk, she ends up sleeping with a guy. She wakes up the next morning feeling bad and needing something normal in her life, so she packed her bags and off she went to see her ex.

Why was I not surprised with this form of events? Well for anyone who has been reading this can straight away say that it was exactly how I started to act towards the end of my relationship with Mr FWB. By sleeping with someone else I felt that I had done something bad and dirty and the only way things would be ok again would be if I went back to what I was used to. This was one of the main reasons I decided to have my sex ban.

Hopefully she is getting it out of her system and will eventually see that she can do so much better, like I did J


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The end

So you remember I told you about my roomie who has been seeing a guy for 12 years? Well that all looks like it came to an end this weekend gone.

She decided to go and see him and stay the night. The next morning he had to leave early which meant she was left alone in his house. Of course she did what any sensible woman would, she went snooping through his stuff.

Now I am a big believer in if you really do not want to know the truth then do not go looking for it. I however always want to know so am as nosey as you like. Anyway she found a list he had wrote about his life goals and how he planned to achieve them. Let’s just say one of them was not so kind to her and was more about closing off their relationship and trying to get back with his ex who he referred to as “the one”.

In true crazy female style she circled his comment, marked it with a big DONE, packed her bags and got the heck out of there. Of course he phoned her later and tried to talk his way out of the trouble but I think it was too late for her and the damage was already done.

I really hope this means she can move on from him, cut contact and find herself a man who treats her well and deserves her.

Same goes for any of you readers out there. Do not settle for the sack of settling and habit. Find someone who makes you feel special and like number 1. I know that’s what I plan to do.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

The book and Mr Wise

So Mr Wise has been reading “the book” and his initial response to me when I asked what he thought of it was “The book is giving away all our secrets”. This was the exact response I was hoping for. If he had said that it was a load of rubbish and nothing was true then I think I would have been a little upset.

I found the book amazing when I read it and a little life changing “Goodbye Mr FWB” that I didn’t want my bubble to be burst. He has said that he thinks more women should read this as it would help them a lot and I completely agree.

He had some other comments that he just said to me and I am going to be pretty cheeky and just copy and paste what he wrote (sorry Mr Wise, nothing is secret round here)

The bits about how a guy introduces you are pretty spot on, eg, by name, girlfriend, wife etc. If a guy doesn't care he will just give your name

Men like sex, fact!

We do try and do everything we can to make things right (fixers) and we like to make sure the ones we care about are provided for however we can. It goes back to the old days of hunter / gather thing. Sometimes we don't get it right, but we will always be trying, even though it doesn't seem like it.

Now he hasn’t finished the book yet and I have asked for a complete report once he does but come on ladies who are reading  this blog, if a man is worried about this book then it has to be good J


Friday, 9 August 2013


It’s funny isn’t it. No matter how happy you are there are always doubts in the back of your mind wondering if you are making the right choices.

I have always said I would go travelling because I do not have a relationship to keep me here and that I cannot force one to happen. But am I just using that as an excuse just to not get hurt – again.

If I was to really put myself out there and try dating etc. would I find that a relationship was what I wanted all along. I have spent so much time avoiding them that I can’t honestly tell you how I feel anymore. I guess I see my friends around me getting married and having children and I am trying to work out if I am missing out on something. Of course the truth could be that I would be miserable. I just wish time could slow down so that I could live my life on my own and life my life with someone. It just doesn’t seem possible.

Life is short! But that is the reason I am rushing to live as much of it as possible. I guess I just don’t want any regrets – of any sort!

Oh well weekend is here time to relax and not worry about these doubts J


Monday, 5 August 2013


I did it! I managed to go to a half year party and not end up at home crying my eyes out. Yay!

Mr ex FWB was not there which I think helped a lot and over all the night was good fun with no dramas at all. It is funny as I the more I look at him now the more I dislike him. I think the whole cutting contact was such a good thing to do and I know I should have done it a long time ago.

Not a lot else happened this weekend. Saturday night I went to my parents for dinner and then yesterday I just chilled out at home with one of the roomies and her friend.

Ahh yes of course I told you I was supposed to be out with Dana. Well they soon went to pot when her and her boyfriend had a huge argument and she refused to go and see him. I am not too sure about the details but it is something about someone else said something that stirred issues. I feel sorry for her but in general it does make me laugh. I mean when do people grow up and stop letting other people control their lives. I couldn’t ever imagine my Mum and Dad having issues like this. All very silly if you ask me. I hope they sort it out but maybe this should be the end. It has been going on for a long like after all.

The same is for one of my roommates. This weekend she went away with an ex who she has been on and off with for 12 years. 12 YEARS!! Christ I thought my 2 years with FWB was bad but that is ridiculous. If it didn’t work for the first 6 what makes them think another 6 was going to do the job. Maybe I am just bitter about having to put the effort in!

Hope you all had a good weekend and just remember – Only put into a relationship as much as you are getting in return!