Friday, 9 August 2013


It’s funny isn’t it. No matter how happy you are there are always doubts in the back of your mind wondering if you are making the right choices.

I have always said I would go travelling because I do not have a relationship to keep me here and that I cannot force one to happen. But am I just using that as an excuse just to not get hurt – again.

If I was to really put myself out there and try dating etc. would I find that a relationship was what I wanted all along. I have spent so much time avoiding them that I can’t honestly tell you how I feel anymore. I guess I see my friends around me getting married and having children and I am trying to work out if I am missing out on something. Of course the truth could be that I would be miserable. I just wish time could slow down so that I could live my life on my own and life my life with someone. It just doesn’t seem possible.

Life is short! But that is the reason I am rushing to live as much of it as possible. I guess I just don’t want any regrets – of any sort!

Oh well weekend is here time to relax and not worry about these doubts J


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