Monday, 30 April 2012

The results

Sorry it has taken me so long to post the results from my recent speed dating but work has been crazy busy and then I did not stop all weekend.

So out of 19 guys (there was actually 20 but 1 of which was James so he does not count) I got myself 12 ticks J. I thought that was pretty good. 2 of the 3 guys I ticked also ticked me and I have been speaking to them. The first guy I liked I actually have arranged to meet up with at the end of May. He is away throughout May and so am I so this is the earliest we can meet. I haven’t 100% decided if I will go but at least it gives me some time to have a think about it.

I believe James was matched with someone which is great news and cannot wait to hear about how that one plays out. Dana I am not sure about but I know she also got quite a few ticks.

This weekend had me thinking once again if this whole dating scene is for me. I am not really sure it is or to be specific I am not really sure if the dating people I do not know is quite right for me. It really makes me feel uncomfortable to think about getting to know someone on that level straight away and I would much rather just be friends with someone first and take it from there. I was thinking about people I found attractive and a few of those were people I worked with and actually knew. I would be more than happy to go on a date with one of them not that I would ever tell them that though J.

Other than this revelation I actually overall had a great weekend. I went out for lunch with my Mum and Sister and then Saturday night to a concert which was very very funny. A group of 40 something year olds grinding and thinking they were the Chippendales. Interesting to say the least.

I hope you all had a great weekend -x-

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Last night!

I will start off by saying it was brilliant! I had so much fun and I know Dana and my male friend – James - did as well.

So the night started off with Dana arriving late (no surprise there as that girl is not known for her time keeping). Once she got to mine I drove us both to where the event was taking place. On the way Dana kept saying how nervous she was followed by saying my driving was making her sick. It really wasn’t and I am sure this was just a cover up for how she was acting. Once we finally arrived at the venue we met James outside and walked in. As it was in a location that wasn’t just held for speed dating there were people everywhere. It was fun to try and work out who was and wasn’t there for the same thing.

We checked in and as I was the first girl on the scene I was number 1. Dana was a couple of girls behind me at 3. I was glad we were not next to each other as I think she could have been a distraction. We mingled around for about 10 minutes talking to some of the people there and getting a bit of a feel for some of the guys. I didn’t really like this part that much as we were striking up conversations with them and I wanted to save my questions for the actual event. Anyway the hosts told us it was time to start and the girls took their seats. James was pared with Dana first which was funny but I think it helped both of them as they were quite nervous and it gave them some time to settle into it. I do think Dana was winding him up a little though. Poor boy.

So the idea is you have a sheet of paper with numbers, names and a section to fill in some basic information about each other. At the end was a tick box which is obviously where you decide if you want to see the person again or not. My first date sat down and he was lovely. I really couldn’t have asked for a better one to start the evening. The conversation flowed easily and we actually ran out of time. Shame but that’s the idea of the night. Tick for him J

I then spoke to another 9 guys before they called a break. I found it really hard to talk and write at the same time and was glad for the break so I could catch up. I had even missed writing down some people’s names. Luckily Dana had them all so I copied her sheet. Myself, Dana and James re-united to catch up on what had happened so far and swap stories. We all agreed we were having a great time and we were glad we had come.

So after 15 minutes we were called to sit back down and I saw another 10 guys. All of them the conversation flowed easily but for most of them there wasn’t really any sparks. Luckily there was no awkward silences. The end of the evening arrived and there was time to have a chat to everyone as a group. The 3 of us decided at this point to call it a night and head home.

Today we have all had to go online and put down who we were interested in and see who ticked us. I will be interesting to see who thought what of each other. Fingers crossed I get a match J

Anyone thinking of maybe going I would say 100% give it a go. I had an excellent night and cannot wait to go again! –x-

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Ok today is the day. Speed dating or as it is advertised, slow dating. The reason for this is because unlike the normal 3 minutes you actually get 4. Apparently you have more of a chance to know how you feel about someone in 4 minutes rather than 3. We will see won't we. I am just hoping it doesn’t all go horribly wrong and I in fact wish it had only been 3 minutes. A male friend of mine has decided to join us tonight which could be interesting. He is very nervous but as I have said, we never have to see these people again if we don’t want to.

Really what is the worst that can happen. Yes I may spill my drink, have food stuck in my teeth, fall off my chair. Ok I don’t want to go anymore!! Just playing! I cannot wait. I am so excited. Not just because I might meet a potential but just because I think it will be really funny. Also I thought about doing this from the moment I first started the blog and it is finally here.

Now what to wear. I am thinking jeans and a nice top. I don’t want to look too overdressed but in the same instance I want to make it look like I have made an effort. I know Dana has her outfit all planned out already. I think she is more excited than me about it! J

So speaking of Dana we have actually booked to go away to Dublin for the weekend in June. I cannot wait. This is what the whole single life is really all about. Also speaking of Dana, I received a message from her this morning. It would seem she met up with “the boy” last night and to say they had a little fun would be an understatement. Actually 8 times fun! Good girl, and boy I might add.

I completely forgot to tell you guys about what happened Friday night. As you know I went out for a curry with work. Well when I got home I received some messages from Mr FWB. I won’t go into exactly what they said but let’s just say the last one implied he wanted a little fun. Actually it did not imply it, it outright asked for it. Uh I don’t think so Mr. I am no one’s booty call. I just deleted the message and went to sleep. I was so proud of myself and I hope you guys are too. See I really am trying.

Anyway wish me luck for tonight. You never know Mr right might be just 4 minutes away! –x-

Monday, 23 April 2012

Meh to Mondays

I don’t like Mondays. Fact! I am not sure many people like Mondays though so I am not alone in this which does make me feel a little better. I don’t let Mondays put me in a bad mood though like it does some people. Obviously these people really do not like their jobs and my answer to that one is… find another job!

Anyway my weekend was great. Friday I went out for a curry which was good. The food however was bad and after being told it was the best curry place in the world I was a little disappointed I have to say. It was really expensive as well but as I was not paying I wasn’t too bothered about that one.

Saturday I went out with Dana, my Sister, her husband and some other friends. Dana’s boy was going to come but he had to I quote “do his homework”. That is not even a joke. I have however been informed he reads this blog so I just want to give him a little shout out and say I do hope he is not offended by my comments. They are all made in jest and not to be nasty. If he is upset though I promise will send some milk and a cookie with Dana the next time she visits him to cheer him up! J

So this week it is speed dating. Yay! I cannot wait. No idea what to say when I am there but I am sure the words with flow. I am not exactly one for being shy!

I hope you all had great weekends and if you hate Mondays too just remember you are not alone.


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Some naughty fun!

Myself and my work colleague share a lot with each other and today we got onto the subject of “Where is the most adventurous place you have ever had sex”.

This then lead me on to asking some other people and I have to say some answers were certainly interesting and in some cases a little sick (sorry Olivia).

So I will start with mine as this is only fair. I would have to say for me it was the garden of a doctors surgery. This alone was probably bad enough however it was actually whilst the surgery was open seeing patients, and it was right underneath one of the rooms windows. Naughty Singlegirl!

My work colleagues was in a playing field whilst a football game was taking place. She didn’t say whether the ball interrupted them or not and I would like to think this was an adult football game. I however won’t ask.

Dana’s was on a golf course. Now I know Dana does not play golf however my wedding reception was held at a golf club and she did disappear for a while. I wonder if I put 2 and 2 together I would come up correctly with the dirty hussy who also was my bridesmaid decided to disappear off for a bit of after speech fun J.

And then there is sweet innocent Olivia. She actually gave me a list of places which I thought was very good of her but the best one had to be her ex boyfriends Grandparents bed. Now I have heard about doing it in your parents bed but in your Grandparents? That is taking it a little too far for me.

Anyway I hope you have all embraced your creative side in the past and this has brought a smile to your face whilst you recall your naughty indiscretions!


Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Today I am much happier than I was Sunday. Sunday was I think we can all agree a bad day.

Yesterday I had people comment to me about what I had done and overall it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Although I knew people were a little disappointed in the situation they also were very supportive and understood why it had happened. They did all make me promise that it would never happen again to which I 100% have agreed to.

A friend of a friend has had the same thing happen to her but she keeps going back. I really do not understand why. As my Mum said when I told her what had happened, I was smarter than to be treated like that and she was right. We all deserve to be treated with respect however as I said she keeps returning and clinging onto the chance this time it will be different. This must ruin her self-esteem as I really did feel so used Sunday.

I know this was a 50/50 thing Friday and some people may be reading this thinking that I am just as much to blame for how I felt however my 50% was done out of stupidity and his 50% was done out of cruelness. He has since tried to speak to me and as we work together I have kept it polite but we will not be friends. I do not think I can ever forgive him!

Anyway on a great note Dana got her 23 year old J. I am still waiting on the details but let’s just say the message of “he is amazing” sort of tells me some good goss is on its way. We also have our speed dating next week which I am really looking forward to and cannot wait to tell everyone what it is like.

"If you want to get somewhere you have to know where you want to go and how to get there.
Then never, never, never give up."


Sunday, 15 April 2012

The mistake

Well people I made a huge mistake on Friday night. Yes that is right I slept with Mr FWB. I don’t know why but I got caught up in the moment of having a drink with him and some others after work and then ended back at his. Obviously I am not stupid and I knew what was likely to happen if I went back and it did. I stayed the night and then left the following morning. I knew as soon as I left it was wrong. Actually I think I knew as it was happening that I shouldn’t be doing it but it was a massive weak moment for me.

Anyway today I found out that he actually has a girlfriend. I had my suspicions before but as he had been in contact with me for most of last week I thought maybe that was done with. Obviously not. Now I am not saying I wanted to be with him but it does really really hurt to think I was so foolish. He messaged me today and told me we shouldn’t have done it which made me feel wonderful. He had been the one to initiate it and ask me round etc. After a lot of tears and a hug from my Dad (he doesn’t know exactly what has happened just that we have been in contact again) I have to say I still feel rubbish. It has made me more determined to get the heck out of this place and go away next year. I just wish it could come sooner.

So we all slip up and make mistakes. I just hope I am strong enough now to never ever make the same mistake again. I hope people are not too disappointed with me and for any that are; I promise you are no way near as disappointed in me as I am in myself! L -x-

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Holiday! Yay!

So I may be going travelling next year (big giant smilie face here) but that doesn’t stop me from having some holidays this year. Yes I am just that greedy.

I have just booked my flights to head off to LA in December with a mini Las Vegas break in the middle. I am very excited and I think this will put me right in the mood to come home for a couple of months and then head off again. I have to say that since deciding to go travelling my spirits have really uplifted. It has really given me something to work towards and look forward to.

A couple of people I have spoken to have said they wish they could do certain things – well why not. Life is short. Not a particularly original saying but so perfect! If you want to do something don’t just sit around talking about it. Get up off your backside and do something about it.

Anyway a little update on my co-stars of the blog. Olivia has started a new job this week and as I know she reads this I just wanted to send her a little message to say – have fun but work hard so we can go off on our adventure as soon as possible.

Steven is currently off on a secret location to start the filming of a huge film due out soon. I know the secret location but as I promised I wouldn’t tell, my lips are unfortunately sealed. It’s very exciting though and I just want to wish him good luck and to enjoy himself! J

Melissa is still fighting to get her visa for the UK and fingers crossed we should have some news within the next couple of weeks.

Dana is still trying to seduce her 23 year old. Good girl!

Anyway nearly the weekend! Yippee! -x-

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Head or heart?

So the time has come to decide between the head and the heart.

Well after a lot of going back and forth I have finally made my decision. As hard as it is I have to follow….. my head!

I do not think Mr FWB deserves my friendship and if I am honest I do not think he even cares either way and is just going through the motion. There is too much that I am angry with him for and that is not going to go away whilst I am still talking to him. I haven’t actually told him any of this yet as since Thursday I have not spoken to him. I do not plan to ignore him but if he does contact me then I am going to explain the situation to him.

Anyway now that has been decided onto more exciting things. My travel plans! Myself, Steve and Olivia have decided to go to South America next year and hopefully do the rest of SE Asia and then onto Australia. Now comes the fun part of saving. At least I know all the hard work is going to go to a good cause – my happiness. J

Today is the day to start again. After speaking with my lovely friend Melissa – the girl waiting on the visa – we have decided that now is the time to think about ourselves (she has also had a little man trouble herself). So from this moment on we vow to have a more optimistic view on life and to go for what we want! –x-

Monday, 9 April 2012

Introducing Steven and Olivia

So you have met Dana but I didn’t want you guys to think I didn’t have anymore single friends. In fact I have two very lovely friends who I met recently on my travels. There is Steven who is a 24 year old guy who has a heart of gold and an amazing personality. He isn’t too bad on the eye either J

Then there is Olivia who is a stunning 21 year old who honestly has to be one of the sweetest girls I have ever met.

Anyway the reason for the introduction is because they have both recently decided to try the online dating as well. I am not sure why either of them feels the need to however that could be said for anyone. So we now have me, Steven and Olivia all giving this thing a go. I think it will be interesting to see what comes out of it. I am especially looking forward to hearing Steven’s views as a male trying to find “the one”.

I have had a good, long weekend but back to work tomorrow. As sad as this sounds I am actually pleased to be going back. I find when I am off I get a little lazy and don’t actually do much but watch TV and eat chocolate (well this weekend I have anyway). At least when I am at work I am getting to use my brain.

I hope everyone who got one had a great long weekend. –x-

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Speed dating!

Good news. Speed dating is booked! How exciting. I have booked it with Dana and we are going on the 25th April so not too far away. If anything I think it will be a bit of fun. Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it. J

In other news I have been talking to a few guys online. One of them seems really nice. Not at all my normal type but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The other two I think I may need to ditch. I am not really feeling it with them and although they are pretty nice looking they don’t really seem to have anything I would be interested in. For starters I like my men to be able to spell. I am not sure that is asking much but short text and slang I think should be left to your friends and not for when you are trying to seduce a potential.

As for Mr FWB after I wrote my last post I had this whole big speech email type thing ready to send to him and after a lot of back and forth trying to decide if I should or not, I went for not. Instead I just simple sent him a message saying did he realise we only ever spoke when he wanted to. He later messaged me and apologised to which I replied telling him I was just really frustrated. Anyway I am now again going back and forward trying to decide if I should go with my head and realise he is no good for me or if I should go with my heart and decide I do want him as a friend. I am glad we have a long weekend so I can comfortably keep changing my mind without the added pressure of limited time.

Anyway I am not going to think of that tonight as I am off bowling again and all my concentration needs to be focused on winning (not likely).

Happy Easter everyone! –x-

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The effects of others

How is it other people control how we are feeling so much. You can be happy and on top of the world one minute and then suddenly someone can say or do something that brings everything crashing down. Do people realise what they are doing to you and therefore in turn do you realise what you are doing to others. Maybe everyone should be a little more honest about their feelings and say “I am not happy”. Maybe if we told each other how we really felt instead of keeping it bottled up it wouldn’t feel so bad when things don’t go quite so right.

Also why do we go looking for trouble. For example Saturday night with me messaging Mr FWB. I knew it was going to end in tears (I didn’t actually cry I might add) but I knew as I was doing it that it wasn’t right. I still did it though and therefore by him not replying he managed to control how I felt for the rest of the weekend.

Ok so you are all probably thinking about where this post has suddenly come from. Well the reason is I just spoke with Mr FWB – don’t everyone shout at me – and we chatted for a short while but then he just stopped talking. Didn’t even say goodbye or anything. He just stopped talking! This has left me once again feeling pretty crappy and thinking once again that we do only talk when he wants to. If he is not interested in chatting then we don’t.

Does he realise how I feel after things like this? No I do not think he does. At the end of the day he isn’t doing it to be spiteful. He is just doing it. So back to my first statement of should we tell people the effects they have on us or do we just let it pass us by and pretend like everything is ok to just keep the peace. As my very annoying art teacher used to say “Answers on a postcard”.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Dana update

In my excitement of wanting to tell you about my weekend I forgot to tell you about Dana’s antics. The girl is seeing a boy. Now I call him a boy because he is 23 years old! She however is 31.

Do I think there is something wrong in this? No I do not. I really do believe age is just a number however I do not think it will go anywhere as I find it hard to believe he will be mature enough for a relationship with someone of Dana’s age. She is going to be looking to settle down and I cannot see that a 23 year old is going to want to do this. Hell I don’t even want to do this and I am a lot older than him.

It is just a bit of fun for her at the moment and I know this because she was engaged in a session of lip locking with someone else on Saturday night but it is always nice to have a backup plan isn’t it J. Good girl!

Mr FWB update – well he has tried to speak to me and apologised for not replying to my message but I have pretty much kept it polite but simple. I still do not think he deserves me as a friend so for the time being we will be work colleagues and nothing else.


Monday, 2 April 2012

How the weekend really turned out!

So on Saturday morning I mentioned that I was going to have a quiet night in and watch a film. I had after all been out on the Friday night. Well that didn’t happen. Instead Dana happened. At about half 5 I got a message from her asking if I fancied going out for the night and to get to hers for 7. After a short time of “should I, shouldn’t I” I decided what the hell and went.

The night consisted of lots of drinks, lots of dancing and some boy kissing J

However it wasn’t all great. I foolishly messaged Mr FWB as I was out in his home town and was having a joke about it however he failed to acknowledge this and therefore left me feel like a prized idiot. I suppose it has helped me a little bit as his utter lack of respect for me has shown that he isn’t someone I want to be friends with and therefore from this moment on I will be sticking to work related topics of conversation only and nothing else. I saw him this morning when I pulled into the car park and did what any self-respecting woman would do. I hid in my car till he was out of sight. Good work singlegirl. That told him didn’t it.

So back to Saturday night. Yes I kissed a boy. I believe he was nice however the consumed alcohol may have aided this thinking. We swapped numbers and did message each other afterwards a couple of times but I do really think it was just a one-time thing. A good one time thing however!

Sunday was pretty much a write off for me having had a lack of sleep and suffering with a terrible hangover. Maybe I am getting too old for all this. Who am I kidding. I will never be too old!