Monday, 25 February 2013

Unplanned weekends are best

It is always the same. When you have a big weekend planned it never seems to go the way you expect it to. This isn’t always a bad thing but I much prefer random last minute nights out

That is what this weekend was

Friday night I ended up at Mr FWB’s. I was bored, he was there, end of!

Saturday night however was great. I was always doing something with a friend but up until about 8pm Saturday night we did not know what. In the end we decided to head back over to my old stomping ground and met up with a couple of other friends. I proceeded to drink my body weight in alcohol, dance a lot and even managed a cheeky message to “hotel boy” (this will be his name). I think the night was a good one mostly because there was no expectations therefore anything good that happened was a bonus.

I did however see one of my old ex-flings when I was out and the only thing that came to my mind was, what on Earth was I thinking when I went there. It is funny how your opinion of a person can really change over time. There was one point where I would have done anything to have been with him but looking back now I was just crazy.

I hope you guys all had a good weekend and are not too depressed it is Monday.

Just remember we need Monday’s to come around to make us appreciate the weekends J


Thursday, 21 February 2013

A spanner in the works

So sorry guys I haven’t been on the ball this week when it has come to posting

The main reason behind this is due to my post title and yes there has been a spanner thrown in the works of my life and travel plans. At work I have been taken away from my normal day job and put on a project for at least 6 months. This means I will be part living at home and part living in a hotel.

 I really do not mind though as it is a great opportunity for me and too be fair it is sort of in time with when I want to travel. It could however be 9 months or even longer, we don’t know but I am just going to play it by ear and see what happens. Also it means I will save money more easily as I won’t have to pay for my dinners J

In other news Mr FWB has been hounding me a little. Messaging me every day and what not. It is boring me really as naughty me has been talking to the other guy from “that” weekend! I also have my eye on someone else altogether. Oh dear god what has happened to me. Hell who cares I am just having fun.

Melissa had a little naughty man sneaking over session the other night which was very funny. He turned up at about midnight and left early the next morning. Good girl, use and abuse J


Monday, 18 February 2013

The old posts

Ok so I know I once said that I wouldn’t do it but Saturday night I couldn’t resist. Yep that’s right, I read some of my old posts.

It is true though what people say about reading the bad as I only went to the ones that I remembered as being sad or hurtful. Why do we do this to ourselves? Like listening to sad music when you have just broken up with a boyfriend or watching a sad film when you have had an argument with a friend. Or worse eating a whole block of chocolate when you just feel damn right down in the dumps.

Anyway reading them didn’t actually make me feel sad. Mostly I just rolled my eyes. What a silly fool I was and probably have been. Yes I know you are all thinking finally she has got it but I did always know it I just did not really want to think about it.

Obviously I am talking about Mr FWB. He really is just a silly tool. I could call him a lot worse but I actually do not think he deserves the privilege of having harsher words said about him.

This weekend he wanted me to see him but I just wasn’t in the mood for it. I haven’t felt like that before which is interesting and I am not sure how to take it.

I think my attention has been focused elsewhere recently and not at him. Hurray I hear you all shout! Let’s just hope it lasts.


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Best birthday ever!!!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was quite possibly the best birthday I have ever had

I came into work and my super sidekick had decorated my desk with love hearts and pictures and I had a mini stack of pressies and cards to open. She also arrange for me to have the biggest balloon ever delivered.

I won’t tell you everything I got as that would be a little boring but I will tell you about this make-up foundation I received. Basically it is not even out in the shops and is green. Yes girl readers it is green. When you put it on your face it changes to the colour of your skin! Amazing I know. As it isn’t out yet I spent a great time of my day showing everyone and pretending how I was a celebrity who had been given it exclusively J

I also got a book on how to play the guitar. I have had a guitar in my possession for about 15 years and so far I have mastered Greensleaves and very little else. Learning was one of the items on my bucket list so hopefully by the end of the year I can tick that one off.

Mr FWB gave me an IOU to basically be my slave. Ok he didn’t actually come up with that more I told him that was what he was doing. He didn’t argue though which I thought was a plus!

Last night I went out for dinner with my family and friends and it was so nice for everyone to get together again.

The whole day was just all about me and I know that sounds a little greedy and like I love myself but hell I do and I am worth it J

Happy Valentine’s day to all my couples out there and to the singles, today is the day to take a chance and tell that one person you like them. Ha who am I kidding, get the girls round, drink wine, eat chocolate and sit and write a list of why you are happier being single!


Monday, 11 February 2013

Don’t judge me, I am only young – ish

Well, well, well what a weekend. I mean seriously what a weekend.

Let’s start with the good and head into the downright slutty and bad.

Friday night was brilliant. It has to actually be one of the funniest birthdays I have had in a while. Everyone made such a good effort to dress up and even though I was rubbish at bowling we all still enjoyed it.

Then Saturday night came. The year end party. The night of alcohol, shame and regrets.

Normally I am on the outside looking in and secretly judging. Not this year though.

I am not sure if I mentioned that I had decided I had a new crush at work. Actually it was someone I had only met Friday so I don’t think you could have known that. Well I have to say I think this is the quickest I have managed to have a crush on someone before I have lured them into my bed. Yep that’s right, I had sex with a boy Saturday night. This was however shortly after I kissed another guy and here comes the most shameful part shortly before I had sex with Mr FWB.

Yes people you read that correctly. I Singlegirl had sex with two different guys within the space of 24 hours. If it helps you judge me less I did shower a couple of times in between but I am not sure that helps.

Do I regret it? Na I don’t ever regret anything and hell I am single and both were they. Do I think maybe it was a little slutty. Oh yes big time but I have never done that before and the likelihood of me ever doing again is very slim. I just hope they don’t find out about one and other.

On an even better note though Melissa finally had sex. That girl is on cloud 9 right now and who can blame her. 10 months is a very long time.


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bringing back the 80’s

Tomorrow night is my pre birthday, birthday party and the theme is 80’s. I love the 80’s fancy dress as it is bright and tacky. To top the evening off we are all going bowling and I am shock horror not drinking J

Some people may find this a strange way to celebrate your birthday but there is a very good reason for this. Saturday night is my works year end party and after going to these things for approximately 7 years I know how much alcohol is consumed. I am therefore giving my liver a mini break and not drinking Friday.

The theme for Saturday night is James Bond so I will be quickly changing out of my 80’s gear and slipping on a slinky cocktail dress. I am not sure which night is going to end the classiest though.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Not that I don’t get to normally let my hair down but I get to spend it all with my friends and family. Good times.

The only down side to it is it will be one year to the day that Mr FWB basically dumped me over text message and unfortunately he will be there Saturday night. I can guarantee he hasn’t a clue what that night means and will just carry on in his own little birthday ruining, heart breaking, dream shattering world. I am not at all bitter!

Anyway he will not ruin this weekend for me, after all if he hadn’t of done that I would have never started this blog

Every cloud J


Monday, 4 February 2013

And sometimes you just cry

I certainly had a very eventful weekend this weekend gone

It started with me going home Friday and sitting in front of my radiator trying to get warm followed by Mr FWB messaging me for basically a booty call. As I had no plans and figured I could waste his heating I decided to head over and stayed the night.

Nothing exciting happened, well the normal but other than that it was just like any normal night where I have stayed there.

Saturday morning I went to the gym followed by a little bit of shopping and then I headed home to start the process of getting ready for my night out.

It was my friends 30th birthday so we headed out to a club for some drinks and boy there were a lot of them.

The night was really good but on the way home I decided to start crying about something so silly and not something that would have bothered me had I been sober. Anyway that lasted for about 10 mins and then Melissa literally annoyed me into laughing about it. Sign of a good friend.

Yesterday I was really tired and basically spent the day feeling sorry for myself. Good times!

As I said sometimes you just cry J