Thursday, 14 February 2013

Best birthday ever!!!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was quite possibly the best birthday I have ever had

I came into work and my super sidekick had decorated my desk with love hearts and pictures and I had a mini stack of pressies and cards to open. She also arrange for me to have the biggest balloon ever delivered.

I won’t tell you everything I got as that would be a little boring but I will tell you about this make-up foundation I received. Basically it is not even out in the shops and is green. Yes girl readers it is green. When you put it on your face it changes to the colour of your skin! Amazing I know. As it isn’t out yet I spent a great time of my day showing everyone and pretending how I was a celebrity who had been given it exclusively J

I also got a book on how to play the guitar. I have had a guitar in my possession for about 15 years and so far I have mastered Greensleaves and very little else. Learning was one of the items on my bucket list so hopefully by the end of the year I can tick that one off.

Mr FWB gave me an IOU to basically be my slave. Ok he didn’t actually come up with that more I told him that was what he was doing. He didn’t argue though which I thought was a plus!

Last night I went out for dinner with my family and friends and it was so nice for everyone to get together again.

The whole day was just all about me and I know that sounds a little greedy and like I love myself but hell I do and I am worth it J

Happy Valentine’s day to all my couples out there and to the singles, today is the day to take a chance and tell that one person you like them. Ha who am I kidding, get the girls round, drink wine, eat chocolate and sit and write a list of why you are happier being single!


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