Monday, 4 February 2013

And sometimes you just cry

I certainly had a very eventful weekend this weekend gone

It started with me going home Friday and sitting in front of my radiator trying to get warm followed by Mr FWB messaging me for basically a booty call. As I had no plans and figured I could waste his heating I decided to head over and stayed the night.

Nothing exciting happened, well the normal but other than that it was just like any normal night where I have stayed there.

Saturday morning I went to the gym followed by a little bit of shopping and then I headed home to start the process of getting ready for my night out.

It was my friends 30th birthday so we headed out to a club for some drinks and boy there were a lot of them.

The night was really good but on the way home I decided to start crying about something so silly and not something that would have bothered me had I been sober. Anyway that lasted for about 10 mins and then Melissa literally annoyed me into laughing about it. Sign of a good friend.

Yesterday I was really tired and basically spent the day feeling sorry for myself. Good times!

As I said sometimes you just cry J


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