Monday, 28 May 2012

New house

Well uncross your fingers people. Saturday morning I went back to see the original house with good old Mum and after looking around again we decided it wasn’t actually perfect, it wasn’t even that nice. It was just too small for what we needed and there was no way I was going to manage to fit all my stuff in the bedroom.

So back to the drawing board. I had booked a viewing for somewhere else which I had decided to cancel but thought what the heck, let’s have a look. OMG it is perfect and not “I loved the last house perfect” I mean it is spot on. Beautiful. It is slightly more a month but it is a thousand times better so totally worth it.

I had to pretty much decide there and then if we would take it so after a quick text to Steven telling him the situation, off I went to the estate agents to pay for all the checks to be done.

That was Saturday and now we are sat again with our fingers crossed hoping nothing goes wrong. Cross back over those fingers guys J

Friday night was dinner with Dad which was really nice. It was great to get dressed up and go out. Yesterday I played golf and was not completely terrible. I am sure I am improving. Well that’s what I think and I am sticking it.

I am feeling poorly today though which is a bit rubbish. Hopefully this is as bad as it gets as this I can handle.

Ahhh Melissa gets here Friday! Yay. I can honestly say if we get this house then I think I will be the happiest I have been in a very very long time!


Friday, 25 May 2012


We have found one! Yay. However I am not getting too excited as we need to have all the checks etc done so won’t get my hopes up till we sign on the dotted line.

It is so nice and has a lovely garden which Melissa will be pleased with. I can see it now, drinking breezers on the decking on a hot summers day. Ok the drinking on decking part may be right but the hot summers day may not be. We are doing well with the weather at the moment but knowing the UK it will not last.

Finally it is the weekend. Time always seems so much longer when you have had a week off. Tonight I am off to a dinner thing with my Dad with his work which should be fun. Apparently it is for Men and their children however I have heard there are actually only 3 woman going to be there – me included – and the rest will all be men. Hopefully there is some eye candy for me to look at J.

Tomorrow we are making the most of the sun and having a BBQ followed by watching the Eurovision song contest. Terrible I know but it is just so addictive.

I have decided I need to lose about half a stone so I have been running and watching what I eat. I am not sure if I have mentioned it but I am running a half marathon in October so I need to start training for that anyway. Oh as I speak my work colleague has just laid some chocolate caterpillars down beside me. Maybe I will start watching what I eat tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone! -x-

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The others

I realised just now whilst I was sat outside reading on my lunch (yep the weather is just that good) that I haven’t really given you much of an update on my support team.

So let’s start with Dana. Well it would seem her and the boy are now actually seeing each other. She told me they are not together they are just not seeing other people. I am sure you are all thinking the same as me but who am I to tell her that is actually a relationship. She keeps saying that the boy knows she doesn’t want one but I am sorry he clearly does. Boy I know you are reading this and you may as well admit it. You want a relationship but you won’t tell her that as you are worried it will scare her away.

Olivia is doing well in her job I believe. On the men front I don’t think she is seeing anyone and I am not sure how well the online dating worked out for her. Hopefully I will get to meet up with her soon as I haven’t actually seen her for a few months.

Steven is fine and still trying to be a bit of a lady’s man. Not really sure that working out too well for him but hey as long as he is having fun and not hurting anyone who am I to say anything. We have both been trying to find somewhere to live and not succeeding. I am sure something perfect will come up soon though.

Melissa should be as I write on a plane to France. She will be staying there for a week and then heading to me. Very very exciting and I cannot wait to see her and show her the sights of the UK (not that I have actually seen many myself).

I think that is everyone for now. I forgot to mention the other day that the online dating really is no more and I have closed my account. I may go back to it one day in the future just not now.

Mr speed dater contacted me again and you will be pleased to know I told him I wasn’t looking for anything right now and didn’t want to lead him on. I didn’t hear back but hopefully he wasn’t too bothered. I didn’t want to do the whole “it’s not you, it’s me” however that really was the truth.

I honestly do not think I can find anyone who loves me more than I love myself right now so what’s the point in looking! J


Monday, 21 May 2012

I'm baaaack!

So I am back from my holiday! It was great. Sun, sea and sunbathing (you guys and your dirty minds thought I was going to say something else didn’t you).

Whilst I was away I went quad biking, so much fun but I have realised I am pretty dangerous on a quad bike and at one point ended up in the middle of a field. I also whilst riding along remembered I had forgotten to take out travel insurance. Clever little singlegirl. Luckily for me there were no hospital resulting accidents. I also released my inner child and went to a waterpark. That was a lot of fun and as it was out of season the place was empty as well. Result!

Ok so tonight was supposed to be date night. Mr speed dating actually contacted me yesterday and asked if we were still on. I told him I had to go away with work. A complete lie for which I may go to hell for but I really was not feeling it. I could have of course told him no but I guess I wanted to give myself some more time to think about it. I am sure though if I was interested I wouldn’t delay for so long.

More excitingly though I have been looking for houses for me, Steven and Melissa who I might add is arriving next week! Yay!
It is really hard work though to find something suitable and it is getting me annoyed. I think I am just impatient though and need to remember I only started looking today. Hopefully I will find something soon. We have already started discussing the bbq’s we will be having (weather permitted of course) and that is getting me a little bit excited!

Anyway I hope everyone had a great week –x-

Monday, 14 May 2012


Sorry I haven’t been online for a while but as you all know I am actually on holiday. Someone brought a laptop so I have managed to take a break out of my sunbathing and steal it for a while.

I am currently sat on the patio of the nicest villa I have ever been to typing. I am having a great time but it is really hot here and such a difference to the current weather back in the UK, not that I am complaining.

So what has happened since I last blogged. Well I suppose the most interesting thing is Mr FWB contacted me last Friday to say he had found my online dating profile. This had been whilst he had been looking himself. I am guessing he is no longer seeing anyone now. Later that evening he started messaging me again. Why does he always manage to do this just when I am really happy and content with how my life is going. He always manages to come crashing in and confuse me. I have spoken to him a couple of times since I have been away but I have kept it completely on a friendly basis and nothing else. I am seriously using all my willpower not to go running to him like normal and it is probably a good thing that I am here.

Anyway the guy from the speed dating wants to take me out the Monday I get back. So far I have said yes but I am not sure I am really feeling it. I know it is just a date and nothing has to come of it but my mind is all complicated as it is without chucking another man my way.

So the plans of travelling next year are still on however I may be moving out of home again and closer to where I work. Steven contacted me about it and I think between him, myself and Melissa we are going to look at getting somewhere together. It shouldn’t cost me too much more than it does now and I think it could be a lot of fun.

Right it really is very hot here so I am going to go and jump in the pool. Not sure when I will get back online again but until then have a great week! -x-

Thursday, 10 May 2012

RIP Online dating

Ok it is not for me. Or at least it is not for me at the moment! I have been talking to some guys but I just cannot be bothered to actually chat and respond to their messages so I think it is telling me something. I have no idea why but I feel at the moment a man coming into my life is going to mix it all up. It is going really well and I do not want that changing. I also have so much coming up that I really do not have the time. Some of the guys online are really forward telling me how they want a relationship right now and that is just too much pressure for me. As I am not even sure where I am going to be next year I think it is unfair to start something knowing that.

However saying all that the guy from speed dating contacted me today and asked if we could meet Monday. Obviously as I am not here I had to decline but I did say I would contact him when I was back. Maybe a week away will make me change my feelings towards dating and men and hopefully it is just a random moment I am having.

I have to keep my account open for another 33 days as I have paid for it but I cannot see myself arranging any dates with people from on there. I will keep an eye on it though just in case Alex O’Loughlin finds himself suddenly single and looking for some online loving. J

Anyway only 1 more working day till my holiday! Yay!


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Best news EVER!

I have just been told the best news ever. Melissa has got her visa and is on her way to me. Well to the UK but what the hell she is coming to me J

I am so excited about this. She should arrive the beginning of June which is so close.

So in other news, I had a great weekend. Friday was spent pretty much not doing anything. Didn’t even manage the ironing. Then Saturday I went to London for my brother in laws birthday. We sung till our hearts content and had a great time.

Sunday I went to my sisters for dinner and watched a film and then yesterday was spent trying to sort my room out (I have a lot of junk in there) and trying to start packing for the holiday.

I have been contacted by someone online who I think I may be interested it. I am not sure yet but I think I will reply. I have also just read that Cheryl Cole is trying out online dating as well. I have started a trend J.

I am a bit annoyed with James from the speed dating. He ticked and was ticked by some girls but has decided that he is not going to meet up with them. His reason – he doesn’t know if he likes them. Duh is that not what a date is all about. Just because you go it does not mean you are committed to marry that person. I told him this but I am not sure he was really listening. Silly boy!

Anyway I hope you all had a great weekend! -x-

Friday, 4 May 2012

Long weekend

Everyone loves a long weekend. I however keep forgetting this weekend is a long one and I am sure come Monday morning I will up and dressed ready to come into work.

So what does the weekend hold in store for me. Tonight I am living a real rock and roll lifestyle and going to do my ironing and watch a film. I know you are all jealous right now.

Tomorrow night however is a little more exciting and I am heading to London for my brother in law’s birthday with some friends. We are going to go for dinner and then to a karaoke place to pretend to be the pop stars we have always dreamed about being.

Sunday I am hoping is going to be spent with a hangover in bed following on from a great night out Saturday and then Monday if I haven’t ended up in work I am going to go shopping for some holiday supplies. I don’t think I have told you yet that in a week I am off to Portugal. I cannot wait!

I haven’t really got anything else to report if I am honest. I hope everyone else has a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday. Whoops I mean Tuesday J


Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Yesterday I went to lunch with a friend and we were talking about how things first ever started with Mr FWB. This led us onto talking about previous “relationships” and I use this term very lightly as they were more bits of fun.

We were discussing what we called them as we never used their real names. I am not sure why for some of them as it wasn’t like we were trying to keep them a secret. There was one guy that I was having an email work relationship with for a while and him we did keep the name a secret as I did not want the whole office to know what was going on. We called him Drinks Boy which later on was just shortened to DB. The reason we called him Drinks Boy was because I first met him at the drinks machine and proceeded to keep meeting him there. It was just a coincidence that it happened but it was quite funny. I did not know his name for ages but really liked him so referred to him as Drinks Boy.  Even to this day we still all call him DB. Obviously not to his face. I would also like to point out that he was the same person I had to fake an emergency with to get him to leave my house. Whoops.

Just before Mr FWB I was seeing a guy from London. He was in fact from Hammersmith therefore had the very creative name of Mr Hammersmith. Again when I first started talking to him I wasn’t 100% sure of his name. There isn’t much to tell about him. He was gorgeous but a total arse. That one did not last long.

A friend of mine met a guy online who she was supposed to meet for a date. Just as she was about to leave he phoned her and told her he could not make it as he had to go to hospital. We didn’t believe this and thought he was just making excuses. It actually turned out he hadn’t been lying and in fact had to have his appendix out. He unfortunately from that moment on was christened with the wonderful name of Mr Appendix.

I am not sure why we feel the need to create names for guys we are dating but I think it may have something to do with not wanting to get so attached. Maybe it is like having a farm animal you plan to eat. You don’t name them J