Thursday, 10 May 2012

RIP Online dating

Ok it is not for me. Or at least it is not for me at the moment! I have been talking to some guys but I just cannot be bothered to actually chat and respond to their messages so I think it is telling me something. I have no idea why but I feel at the moment a man coming into my life is going to mix it all up. It is going really well and I do not want that changing. I also have so much coming up that I really do not have the time. Some of the guys online are really forward telling me how they want a relationship right now and that is just too much pressure for me. As I am not even sure where I am going to be next year I think it is unfair to start something knowing that.

However saying all that the guy from speed dating contacted me today and asked if we could meet Monday. Obviously as I am not here I had to decline but I did say I would contact him when I was back. Maybe a week away will make me change my feelings towards dating and men and hopefully it is just a random moment I am having.

I have to keep my account open for another 33 days as I have paid for it but I cannot see myself arranging any dates with people from on there. I will keep an eye on it though just in case Alex O’Loughlin finds himself suddenly single and looking for some online loving. J

Anyway only 1 more working day till my holiday! Yay!


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