Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The others

I realised just now whilst I was sat outside reading on my lunch (yep the weather is just that good) that I haven’t really given you much of an update on my support team.

So let’s start with Dana. Well it would seem her and the boy are now actually seeing each other. She told me they are not together they are just not seeing other people. I am sure you are all thinking the same as me but who am I to tell her that is actually a relationship. She keeps saying that the boy knows she doesn’t want one but I am sorry he clearly does. Boy I know you are reading this and you may as well admit it. You want a relationship but you won’t tell her that as you are worried it will scare her away.

Olivia is doing well in her job I believe. On the men front I don’t think she is seeing anyone and I am not sure how well the online dating worked out for her. Hopefully I will get to meet up with her soon as I haven’t actually seen her for a few months.

Steven is fine and still trying to be a bit of a lady’s man. Not really sure that working out too well for him but hey as long as he is having fun and not hurting anyone who am I to say anything. We have both been trying to find somewhere to live and not succeeding. I am sure something perfect will come up soon though.

Melissa should be as I write on a plane to France. She will be staying there for a week and then heading to me. Very very exciting and I cannot wait to see her and show her the sights of the UK (not that I have actually seen many myself).

I think that is everyone for now. I forgot to mention the other day that the online dating really is no more and I have closed my account. I may go back to it one day in the future just not now.

Mr speed dater contacted me again and you will be pleased to know I told him I wasn’t looking for anything right now and didn’t want to lead him on. I didn’t hear back but hopefully he wasn’t too bothered. I didn’t want to do the whole “it’s not you, it’s me” however that really was the truth.

I honestly do not think I can find anyone who loves me more than I love myself right now so what’s the point in looking! J


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