Friday, 4 May 2012

Long weekend

Everyone loves a long weekend. I however keep forgetting this weekend is a long one and I am sure come Monday morning I will up and dressed ready to come into work.

So what does the weekend hold in store for me. Tonight I am living a real rock and roll lifestyle and going to do my ironing and watch a film. I know you are all jealous right now.

Tomorrow night however is a little more exciting and I am heading to London for my brother in law’s birthday with some friends. We are going to go for dinner and then to a karaoke place to pretend to be the pop stars we have always dreamed about being.

Sunday I am hoping is going to be spent with a hangover in bed following on from a great night out Saturday and then Monday if I haven’t ended up in work I am going to go shopping for some holiday supplies. I don’t think I have told you yet that in a week I am off to Portugal. I cannot wait!

I haven’t really got anything else to report if I am honest. I hope everyone else has a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday. Whoops I mean Tuesday J


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