Thursday, 27 June 2013

What a week

Wow what a week and no not in the eventful I have been having the most fun kind of way.

As I told you my Super sidekick was poorly so I have been doing what feels like about a hundred peoples jobs. It is all good though. If I wasn’t busy I would just be bored.

Not much has happened to me recently. I had my pretend Royal Ascot which was loads of fun and I even ended up winning a bit of money which is always a good outcome. Sunday I  mostly vegged out on the sofa only got up to head out for some food shopping.

Oh one thing I did try again was online dating but so many men emailed me with “Hey” or “Hey sexy” that I just got bored so closed the account. Before I did this though I did come across Mr FWB’s profile. I knew he was on there as he had mentioned it before but it was still a bit of a shock to see it. After reading his profile and seeing he was looking for someone to have “cosy nights in with” I kind of felt a bit of a slap in the face. I guess I will always wonder why I wasn’t good enough for that full time. I suppose I do need to remember that he is a bit commitment challenged and maybe it isn’t actually just me and is any one he gets close to. I guess I will never know.

Speaking of him though, he has messaged me a couple of times this week at work and always ends things with a kiss which is annoying. Why does he have to do that? Does he not realise it just frustrates me! Whoa calm down crazy Singlegirl!

Anyway holiday on Monday so really looking forward to that and also it is nearly the weekend which everyone loves.

Hope you are all having a great week


Friday, 21 June 2013

Pretend Royal Ascot

Wow what a week! My super sidekick has been signed off work with a little bit of stress so I am having to pick up extra work which is keeping me very busy and certainly close to stressing myself.

However today is Friday so at 5:30 I am leaving it all behind and heading home to start the preparations for my pretend Royal Ascot party. Now if you have been reading this blog for approximately a year you will know that last year I went to Royal Ascot (horse racing) with Melissa, some other friends and my family. Well this year we decided that rather than spend the £75 it was going to cost us for a ticket to potentially sit in the rain we would actually throw our own garden party at my sister’s house and watch the racing from there. Then if it does rain we can move inside to the warm! Genius plan!

Hopefully this year for a change I may actually win on one of the races but I won’t hold my breath. As long as everyone enjoys themselves and the drinks are flowing it will be a good day.

Other than that I do not have much planned for the weekend but I think that is enough. I seriously do need to get some man company in my life as it would be nice to at least have a potential J

There is actually this guy I am talking to but I am still not sure how I feel about him. It has been going on a while but he is a friend and I not sure if we could ever be more than that. Guess we will see!

Have a good weekend all!


Monday, 17 June 2013

My new book

Last week I watched a film called “Act like a lady, think like a man” and basically is was about different woman following rules of a book on dating and seeing how their relationships with men turned out.

It was a good film, funny and I would recommend watching it however what this post is actually about is the book it was based on is actually a real self-help book.

So after a lot of discussion with one of my Roomies (we will call her Kristy) we decided that we would buy this so called life changing book and try and follow our dating lives by it. Not that of course I have men flocking to date me but hopefully the book will maybe give me an idea into what men are actually thinking when they want do want to date and I can use this to my advantage.

I do know there is some kind of 60 day sex ban rule but we will see about that one.

Anyway I will keep you up to date with how we get on and if there is any truth in what Steve Harvey (yep the American comedian guy) has to say.


Friday, 14 June 2013

Never drink on a school night

I am currently sat here in my bed still not dressed and “working from home”. The truth is I went out last night and got stupidly drunk and now have a really bad hangover!

Thank God I don’t actually have to go into work as that would have been really bad and I am not sure I would have survived.

Myself and one of the roommates thought it was a good idea to head out to our local town for a few drinks which actually turned into a lot of drink and dancing. It was a really good night though just paying for it now. I have to do it all over again tonight for my parents summer ball. Oh well I am young (ish) I can handle the pace.

The reason we went out is because my roommate (who I will give a name to soon) had been seeing this guy for a short amount of time but it turned out he was just a total toad. He wouldn’t reply to her when she asked him questions and then he would message her when he was bored. The simple thing was he just was not that into her and that is all fine but there is no reason not to just say that. We girls can handle it you know.

So in other news, my Australian plans have moved forward a little. I now have a date I want to fly and where I want to fly to. Well it’s a start.

Right I guess I actually had better start this working from home that I have told people I am doing

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Monday, 10 June 2013



Yep that’s right people. My crazy impulsiveness took over yesterday and I applied for and within a few moments received my Australian working visa. I am actually going! Oh god I am scared now.

I plan to go next Feb as long as all goes to plan with work and not come back for a very long time. Yesterday was mostly spent planning my bills and money etc. and then drinking wine with one of my roommates whilst we celebrated our soon to be new lives. She is moving to Spain later on this year!

This has given me something to focus on now and to top it all off in 3 weeks I go on holiday with Olivia. Life is really good!

Now to lose 9lbs and win the lottery and I will be complete J


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Damn work getting in the way

As much as I appreciate having a job sometimes it really does get in the way of my life.

They (being the big bosses) have decided to keep me on my project till the middle of Feb next year. That means my December travelling plans have been put on hold until then. Now I know it isn't that further out but when you have your mind set on something when it doesn't go to plan it gets pretty annoying! I suppose I have more time to save.

Work is also getting in the way of writing this! I genuinely never seem to stop right now. I did however get to go out with the new roommates last night and had a lot of fun. They really are my type of people.

Starting from Monday I am on a strict diet for my holiday which will be in 3 weeks. Yay! So wish me luck on that one!

Anyway hope you all are having a great weekend and if you are in England you are enjoying this rare sunshine we have!


Monday, 3 June 2013

What was I thinking?

I am crazy. Genuinely bonkers! I am referring to Hotel boy. He is totally not my type. What was I thinking?

I realised this last week and it was a bit of a shock as I did think I liked him but nope he was just someone to take my attention away from Mr FWB and whilst that worked for a while it hasn’t fixed me. I do still like him and no amount of convincing myself is going to change that.

All I can do is keep my head down and not contact him and then in December I will be heading off to the other side of the world. Slightly extreme just to get away from someone but needs must.

This weekend I moved into my new house and boy that was hard. I didn’t realise how much stuff I actually had. Anyway with my help of my lovely parents I managed to squeeze it all in.

My new housemates are brilliant. They are two girls about the same age as me and they are really lovely and funny. We are all definitely on the same wave length which was proven last night when we chatted quite freely over a glass of wine about our previous sexual partners.

I am really looking forward to living with them and I think the next 6 months are going to be very eventful and interesting J