Saturday, 8 June 2013

Damn work getting in the way

As much as I appreciate having a job sometimes it really does get in the way of my life.

They (being the big bosses) have decided to keep me on my project till the middle of Feb next year. That means my December travelling plans have been put on hold until then. Now I know it isn't that further out but when you have your mind set on something when it doesn't go to plan it gets pretty annoying! I suppose I have more time to save.

Work is also getting in the way of writing this! I genuinely never seem to stop right now. I did however get to go out with the new roommates last night and had a lot of fun. They really are my type of people.

Starting from Monday I am on a strict diet for my holiday which will be in 3 weeks. Yay! So wish me luck on that one!

Anyway hope you all are having a great weekend and if you are in England you are enjoying this rare sunshine we have!


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