Monday, 17 June 2013

My new book

Last week I watched a film called “Act like a lady, think like a man” and basically is was about different woman following rules of a book on dating and seeing how their relationships with men turned out.

It was a good film, funny and I would recommend watching it however what this post is actually about is the book it was based on is actually a real self-help book.

So after a lot of discussion with one of my Roomies (we will call her Kristy) we decided that we would buy this so called life changing book and try and follow our dating lives by it. Not that of course I have men flocking to date me but hopefully the book will maybe give me an idea into what men are actually thinking when they want do want to date and I can use this to my advantage.

I do know there is some kind of 60 day sex ban rule but we will see about that one.

Anyway I will keep you up to date with how we get on and if there is any truth in what Steve Harvey (yep the American comedian guy) has to say.


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