Friday, 14 June 2013

Never drink on a school night

I am currently sat here in my bed still not dressed and “working from home”. The truth is I went out last night and got stupidly drunk and now have a really bad hangover!

Thank God I don’t actually have to go into work as that would have been really bad and I am not sure I would have survived.

Myself and one of the roommates thought it was a good idea to head out to our local town for a few drinks which actually turned into a lot of drink and dancing. It was a really good night though just paying for it now. I have to do it all over again tonight for my parents summer ball. Oh well I am young (ish) I can handle the pace.

The reason we went out is because my roommate (who I will give a name to soon) had been seeing this guy for a short amount of time but it turned out he was just a total toad. He wouldn’t reply to her when she asked him questions and then he would message her when he was bored. The simple thing was he just was not that into her and that is all fine but there is no reason not to just say that. We girls can handle it you know.

So in other news, my Australian plans have moved forward a little. I now have a date I want to fly and where I want to fly to. Well it’s a start.

Right I guess I actually had better start this working from home that I have told people I am doing

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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