Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fifty shades of Grey and Mr FWB

I am about half way through Fifty shades of Grey and I am still not getting what all the fuss is about it. I mean I am no massive erotic book reader but even I could write something better than this. It is slow and just a little bit silly. I think this is a great example of people believe what they have been told. So many people have said how great it is I think people just expect it to be true. Also all my friends want a “Mr Grey” uh why? He is strange and mean. I do not want a man like that. I normally don’t take so long to read a book but this one I am finding hard to pick up not put down. A shame really as I did want it to be as good as it was made out to be. Maybe the second half will be better. I am not optimistic! L

As you all know I have been speaking once again to Mr FWB. Well things got a little more than just friends recently which has resulted in me deciding that we can never just be friends. I like him and my feelings are not going to change. No matter how much I write it down or tell people any different. So the other day I sent him a message basically saying I cannot be his friend and that we have never been just friends. I wanted more or I wanted nothing at all. He never replied to me so I think I got my answer. At least now he knows how I feel and if he does decide to contact me I will tell him that he made the decision not me and to not contact me again. I refuse to pretend to him that I am ok being friends when I am not.


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bad mood, good mood!

Yesterday I was in a bad mood so decided not to blog. I am not sure why but I think not having much to do at work didn’t help and then I had a bit of a fight with Mr FWB which just made it worse. Isn’t it funny how you really can be so happy one minute then the next you snap at anything anyone does or says.

Anyway enough of yesterday. Today is another day and I feel a lot happier. There is no reason why so I am going to just put it down to being female and having the prerogative to change our moods as much as we like. J

So the weekend was brilliant. Friday night was spent catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen for months and reminiscing about our travelling days. Then Saturday we went to the races, drunk far too much and as expected headed in town. The only downside was I didn’t actually win on any of the horses but as I always say, never bet what you cannot afford to lose and it was still a fun day out.

Sunday was spent shopping for the weeks dinners and then doing nothing on the sofa, the perfect end to the weekend!


Friday, 22 June 2012


So this weekend we are off to Ascot. For all you non English out there Ascot is a time to put on fancy dresses and hats, drink Champagne and generally get drunk and lose money betting on horses. Oh and the Queen usually makes an appearance as well which is always good to see.

I am really looking forward to this one as it will be the first time Melissa is going and she is quite excited about it. Also another one of our friends from travelling is coming down tonight who we haven’t seen in months so very excited about that as well.

Tonight we are just going to spend the night watching a film (PS I love you) and drinking some wine whilst eating a gourmet meal of pizza and nachos. Classy I know! J

Our day tomorrow is going to start quite early with getting dressed up whilst drinking Champagne (ok it isn’t real Champagne but don’t tell the girls that). We are then heading to my Sister and Brother in Laws to have a mini picnic and some more drinks. After this we are off to Ascot where we plan to be wined and dined by the many rich men that attend (chance would be a fine thing).

Tomorrow night we are taking our friend out to our local town and hopefully here we will spend our time dancing the night away. Who am I kidding we are going to drunkenly stumble around the place telling each other and everyone we meet how much we love them.

Sunday is 100% going to be a complete write off until England play in the football and then I plan to drag Melissa out of bed to support them and maybe try and squeeze a beer or two in.

So as an update on the Fifty shades of Grey. It is interesting. I am finding it strange to read and not because it is an erotic novel but more because it feels like it has been written for teenagers which is just wrong. Hopefully it improves. So far I am not getting the hype.

Anyway hope you have great weekends and please if you could spare a little time to pray for sunshine for tomorrow for us  I would really appreciate it!


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The very eventful weekend

Dublin is great. The place is great, the people are great. Dana drinking is not so great!

Where to start. Well we arrived Friday morning and the hotel was really nice and in a great location. We pretty much went straight out and went to the taste of Dublin. It was brilliant. We ate food and drank lots of alcohol. Most of it free which was a bonus. That evening we went to a pub to watch the football (well England were playing after all) and then had some dinner. As we had been up since the crack of dawn we decided a semi early night was in order.

The next morning we got up had a massive breakfast and jumped on the hop on – hop off bus. This was a great way to get around Dublin and see loads of different places. We stopped at the Guinness storehouse and went for a tour. I am not a Guinness drinker however the tour was really good and I even managed to pick up a couple of gifts for the roommates.

We finished the tour and headed to a pub to watch the Rugby (again England were playing) J. This is where the weekend started to get a little interesting. Dana decided she was going to have her first ever whisky. I can tell you now her face was a picture when she drank that.

That evening we went back to the hotel and got changed. Everyone was in pretty good spirits (Dana had a few in her as well) so we decided to pop back to the original bar we had been at previously. Now before I carry on I want to mention that Dana is a huge flirt. It does not necessarily mean she will do anything but she does love to flirt. Her flirting this time however may have gotten her into a little bit of trouble.

Whilst at the bar she decided to start chatting to a couple of guys. Drinks were flowing a lot and after an hour or so she told one of them to come down and meet us where we were heading to next. I genuinely do not think that she actually believed he would come. Oh how wrong she was. We headed off to the main tourist spot in Dublin where there was live music in the bars and a really good atmosphere. In one particular pub Dana once again started her uncontrollable flirting and got chatting to a guy from the table next to us. He became quite smitten with her, buying her drinks and flirting back. All was going pretty well until, yes you guessed it, guy number one showed up. The atmosphere suddenly turned less than friendly as both guys tried to gain her attention. She however was pretty oblivious to this being so drunk she could barely stand and walking into people. Myself, my Sister and my brother in Law all decided now was a good time to call it a night which was a bit of a shame as we were having a pretty good time. We were however all out together and as a rule if one man is down we are all down.

Off we went to the taxi, myself and my sister carrying Dana leaving the two guys to knock heads behind us. After what seemed like the longest journey ever, mostly due to Dana insulting all Irish men and the taxi driver wanting to chuck her out, we finally arrived at the hotel. Unfortunately Dana didn’t want to go to bed and after a few harsh words and an angry door slam off she went to find another pub. I by this stage had pretty much given up and decided to go to bed, only to be woken an hour or so later with a very poorly Dana being sick.

The following morning was pretty much a blur of more sickness, a lost phone, a search for a lost phone (yes you can thank me now Dana), a found phone (which was in her pocket the whole time) and a plane to catch.

I did always say Dana was a little mad. This weekend has actually just proven it now.

As for the boy, well Dana did message him quite a lot over weekend but if I am honest I really cannot keep up with what is going on. I don’t think he can either from what she has told me.

Anyway I hope your weekends were not as messy and also just because I haven’t had time to write sooner I just want to say a quick “Happy Father’s Day” better late than never! J


Thursday, 14 June 2012


The time has come for us to head off to Dublin. I have never been before so I am pretty excited. We are only there for a couple of days so trying squeeze as much as we can.

Of course we are going to the Guinness factory and an event called the taste of Dublin which should be good. Other than that we are just going to explore as much as possible and more than likely drink a lot.

The house is all going well. Melissa is still trying to look for a job. I hope she gets one soon as I think she is getting a bit fed up of searching. I am sure something will come along soon enough though. I have faith!

Steven has a lady friend. Her name is Kerry and he met her a long time ago through work but hasn’t seen her since. I think they are meeting up on Sunday. I get the impression he is a bit nervous but I am sure he will be fine. Fingers crossed.

So I started reading the Fifty Shades of Grey the other night. It certainly has an interesting start. Not at all like I thought it would. I will give you more of an update when I have gotten a little further into it.

Well that’s all the update there is from me for now. Mr FWB is still hanging around. No surprise there really. Clearly hasn’t found anyone else to pester.

I hope everyone enjoys their last day at work and weekend! I will report back on Monday about the adventures of the weekend! J


Monday, 11 June 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey!

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been around again much but I was off work Friday moving into my new house J

I am so pleased we are finally in but it really was hard work. A lot of running up and down stairs and carrying so much. I didn’t even realise I had so many things.

Steven and Melissa love the place which is good news as I was worried they would hate it and then we would have had a pretty awkward living arrangement.

Saturday night we all went out to celebrate the move and I think everyone had a lot of fun. Now we are on the search to fine Melissa a job.

This week I am going to be mostly spent unpacking boxes (nope I haven’t finished) and then Friday I am off to Dublin with Dana! I am so excited for that as I have never been and I have heard such good things about the place.

I called this post Fifty Shades of Grey because of a book that seems to be very popular at the moment. It is an erotic novel and I decided to buy it. I have ordered it on my kindle so I can read it in secret J. I want to see if it is as great as everyone has made out. I will report back once I have finished.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! -x-

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

It's London baby!

What a great weekend I had. Firstly Melissa got here on Friday and it was soo good to see her. I thought maybe she had gotten lost as I was waiting for her at the train station for ages. We went to my sisters Friday night for a BBQ. As expected the weather turned just in time for us to start cooking. Rain for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday night we went to London. It was a really good night but not a normal place I would go to. It was all about money and I am not that way at all. Melissa however got very drunk, kissed the birthday boy and fell over. That’s my girl J

Sunday we suffered and pretty much stayed in bed all day.

Monday was the street party. It was ok but I think again the weather spoiled it a bit. We ended up at my sisters again for dinner and karaoke (they do love their karaoke).

Then yesterday was just a day of packing. I hate packing. I wish I could just click my fingers and it be all in organised boxes. No such luck though.

I am so excited about moving into our new place Friday. We have bought so many things for it and I cannot wait for the others to see their new home. I really hope they like it!

I haven’t really spoken to Mr FWB. We messaged each other over the weekend a bit but like normal with him, whenever I try and talk about anything serious he just changes the subject or will bury his head in the sand. He is off all this week and I have no plans to contact him. I think not talking to each other will be good as I do really think he just uses me when he is bored.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend -x-  

Friday, 1 June 2012


Sorry guys I know I have been a little rubbish at blogging recently but I have really not had the time the last couple of days.

So we can all uncross our fingers because…… drum roles please…… we got the house! Yay! We move in next Friday hence why I have been so busy trying to get everything sorted. It is complicated this moving business. Especially when Steven hasn’t actually been around here so we have had to do everything through messages and phone calls. It is all good though and I am really excited.

I am also bursting at the seams excited because today is the day Melissa arrives and I cannot wait to see her. We have a busy weekend of plans ahead of us including tonight going to my Dad’s birthday BBQ. Happy Birthday Dad J

Tomorrow night we are off to London for a friend’s birthday. The person organising it is keeping it all very secretive so it will be interesting to see where we end up.

We have a long weekend off work which is great as it is the Queens Jubilee so Monday we are having a street party along my Mum and Dad’s road. There is supposed to be quite a few people coming which should be nice.

So Mr FWB has been doing his normal hot and cold with me. He keeps contacting me and I know he is only doing it because he is bored and hasn’t got anyone else to contact. I think I am going to put a stop to that today.

Anyway for everyone who has long weekends I hope you enjoy them, for anyone who doesn’t I hope you make the most of what you do have J