Friday, 22 June 2012


So this weekend we are off to Ascot. For all you non English out there Ascot is a time to put on fancy dresses and hats, drink Champagne and generally get drunk and lose money betting on horses. Oh and the Queen usually makes an appearance as well which is always good to see.

I am really looking forward to this one as it will be the first time Melissa is going and she is quite excited about it. Also another one of our friends from travelling is coming down tonight who we haven’t seen in months so very excited about that as well.

Tonight we are just going to spend the night watching a film (PS I love you) and drinking some wine whilst eating a gourmet meal of pizza and nachos. Classy I know! J

Our day tomorrow is going to start quite early with getting dressed up whilst drinking Champagne (ok it isn’t real Champagne but don’t tell the girls that). We are then heading to my Sister and Brother in Laws to have a mini picnic and some more drinks. After this we are off to Ascot where we plan to be wined and dined by the many rich men that attend (chance would be a fine thing).

Tomorrow night we are taking our friend out to our local town and hopefully here we will spend our time dancing the night away. Who am I kidding we are going to drunkenly stumble around the place telling each other and everyone we meet how much we love them.

Sunday is 100% going to be a complete write off until England play in the football and then I plan to drag Melissa out of bed to support them and maybe try and squeeze a beer or two in.

So as an update on the Fifty shades of Grey. It is interesting. I am finding it strange to read and not because it is an erotic novel but more because it feels like it has been written for teenagers which is just wrong. Hopefully it improves. So far I am not getting the hype.

Anyway hope you have great weekends and please if you could spare a little time to pray for sunshine for tomorrow for us  I would really appreciate it!


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