Friday, 1 June 2012


Sorry guys I know I have been a little rubbish at blogging recently but I have really not had the time the last couple of days.

So we can all uncross our fingers because…… drum roles please…… we got the house! Yay! We move in next Friday hence why I have been so busy trying to get everything sorted. It is complicated this moving business. Especially when Steven hasn’t actually been around here so we have had to do everything through messages and phone calls. It is all good though and I am really excited.

I am also bursting at the seams excited because today is the day Melissa arrives and I cannot wait to see her. We have a busy weekend of plans ahead of us including tonight going to my Dad’s birthday BBQ. Happy Birthday Dad J

Tomorrow night we are off to London for a friend’s birthday. The person organising it is keeping it all very secretive so it will be interesting to see where we end up.

We have a long weekend off work which is great as it is the Queens Jubilee so Monday we are having a street party along my Mum and Dad’s road. There is supposed to be quite a few people coming which should be nice.

So Mr FWB has been doing his normal hot and cold with me. He keeps contacting me and I know he is only doing it because he is bored and hasn’t got anyone else to contact. I think I am going to put a stop to that today.

Anyway for everyone who has long weekends I hope you enjoy them, for anyone who doesn’t I hope you make the most of what you do have J


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