Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bad mood, good mood!

Yesterday I was in a bad mood so decided not to blog. I am not sure why but I think not having much to do at work didn’t help and then I had a bit of a fight with Mr FWB which just made it worse. Isn’t it funny how you really can be so happy one minute then the next you snap at anything anyone does or says.

Anyway enough of yesterday. Today is another day and I feel a lot happier. There is no reason why so I am going to just put it down to being female and having the prerogative to change our moods as much as we like. J

So the weekend was brilliant. Friday night was spent catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen for months and reminiscing about our travelling days. Then Saturday we went to the races, drunk far too much and as expected headed in town. The only downside was I didn’t actually win on any of the horses but as I always say, never bet what you cannot afford to lose and it was still a fun day out.

Sunday was spent shopping for the weeks dinners and then doing nothing on the sofa, the perfect end to the weekend!


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