Wednesday, 6 June 2012

It's London baby!

What a great weekend I had. Firstly Melissa got here on Friday and it was soo good to see her. I thought maybe she had gotten lost as I was waiting for her at the train station for ages. We went to my sisters Friday night for a BBQ. As expected the weather turned just in time for us to start cooking. Rain for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday night we went to London. It was a really good night but not a normal place I would go to. It was all about money and I am not that way at all. Melissa however got very drunk, kissed the birthday boy and fell over. That’s my girl J

Sunday we suffered and pretty much stayed in bed all day.

Monday was the street party. It was ok but I think again the weather spoiled it a bit. We ended up at my sisters again for dinner and karaoke (they do love their karaoke).

Then yesterday was just a day of packing. I hate packing. I wish I could just click my fingers and it be all in organised boxes. No such luck though.

I am so excited about moving into our new place Friday. We have bought so many things for it and I cannot wait for the others to see their new home. I really hope they like it!

I haven’t really spoken to Mr FWB. We messaged each other over the weekend a bit but like normal with him, whenever I try and talk about anything serious he just changes the subject or will bury his head in the sand. He is off all this week and I have no plans to contact him. I think not talking to each other will be good as I do really think he just uses me when he is bored.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend -x-  

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