Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The very eventful weekend

Dublin is great. The place is great, the people are great. Dana drinking is not so great!

Where to start. Well we arrived Friday morning and the hotel was really nice and in a great location. We pretty much went straight out and went to the taste of Dublin. It was brilliant. We ate food and drank lots of alcohol. Most of it free which was a bonus. That evening we went to a pub to watch the football (well England were playing after all) and then had some dinner. As we had been up since the crack of dawn we decided a semi early night was in order.

The next morning we got up had a massive breakfast and jumped on the hop on – hop off bus. This was a great way to get around Dublin and see loads of different places. We stopped at the Guinness storehouse and went for a tour. I am not a Guinness drinker however the tour was really good and I even managed to pick up a couple of gifts for the roommates.

We finished the tour and headed to a pub to watch the Rugby (again England were playing) J. This is where the weekend started to get a little interesting. Dana decided she was going to have her first ever whisky. I can tell you now her face was a picture when she drank that.

That evening we went back to the hotel and got changed. Everyone was in pretty good spirits (Dana had a few in her as well) so we decided to pop back to the original bar we had been at previously. Now before I carry on I want to mention that Dana is a huge flirt. It does not necessarily mean she will do anything but she does love to flirt. Her flirting this time however may have gotten her into a little bit of trouble.

Whilst at the bar she decided to start chatting to a couple of guys. Drinks were flowing a lot and after an hour or so she told one of them to come down and meet us where we were heading to next. I genuinely do not think that she actually believed he would come. Oh how wrong she was. We headed off to the main tourist spot in Dublin where there was live music in the bars and a really good atmosphere. In one particular pub Dana once again started her uncontrollable flirting and got chatting to a guy from the table next to us. He became quite smitten with her, buying her drinks and flirting back. All was going pretty well until, yes you guessed it, guy number one showed up. The atmosphere suddenly turned less than friendly as both guys tried to gain her attention. She however was pretty oblivious to this being so drunk she could barely stand and walking into people. Myself, my Sister and my brother in Law all decided now was a good time to call it a night which was a bit of a shame as we were having a pretty good time. We were however all out together and as a rule if one man is down we are all down.

Off we went to the taxi, myself and my sister carrying Dana leaving the two guys to knock heads behind us. After what seemed like the longest journey ever, mostly due to Dana insulting all Irish men and the taxi driver wanting to chuck her out, we finally arrived at the hotel. Unfortunately Dana didn’t want to go to bed and after a few harsh words and an angry door slam off she went to find another pub. I by this stage had pretty much given up and decided to go to bed, only to be woken an hour or so later with a very poorly Dana being sick.

The following morning was pretty much a blur of more sickness, a lost phone, a search for a lost phone (yes you can thank me now Dana), a found phone (which was in her pocket the whole time) and a plane to catch.

I did always say Dana was a little mad. This weekend has actually just proven it now.

As for the boy, well Dana did message him quite a lot over weekend but if I am honest I really cannot keep up with what is going on. I don’t think he can either from what she has told me.

Anyway I hope your weekends were not as messy and also just because I haven’t had time to write sooner I just want to say a quick “Happy Father’s Day” better late than never! J


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