Thursday, 14 June 2012


The time has come for us to head off to Dublin. I have never been before so I am pretty excited. We are only there for a couple of days so trying squeeze as much as we can.

Of course we are going to the Guinness factory and an event called the taste of Dublin which should be good. Other than that we are just going to explore as much as possible and more than likely drink a lot.

The house is all going well. Melissa is still trying to look for a job. I hope she gets one soon as I think she is getting a bit fed up of searching. I am sure something will come along soon enough though. I have faith!

Steven has a lady friend. Her name is Kerry and he met her a long time ago through work but hasn’t seen her since. I think they are meeting up on Sunday. I get the impression he is a bit nervous but I am sure he will be fine. Fingers crossed.

So I started reading the Fifty Shades of Grey the other night. It certainly has an interesting start. Not at all like I thought it would. I will give you more of an update when I have gotten a little further into it.

Well that’s all the update there is from me for now. Mr FWB is still hanging around. No surprise there really. Clearly hasn’t found anyone else to pester.

I hope everyone enjoys their last day at work and weekend! I will report back on Monday about the adventures of the weekend! J


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