Monday, 11 June 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey!

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been around again much but I was off work Friday moving into my new house J

I am so pleased we are finally in but it really was hard work. A lot of running up and down stairs and carrying so much. I didn’t even realise I had so many things.

Steven and Melissa love the place which is good news as I was worried they would hate it and then we would have had a pretty awkward living arrangement.

Saturday night we all went out to celebrate the move and I think everyone had a lot of fun. Now we are on the search to fine Melissa a job.

This week I am going to be mostly spent unpacking boxes (nope I haven’t finished) and then Friday I am off to Dublin with Dana! I am so excited for that as I have never been and I have heard such good things about the place.

I called this post Fifty Shades of Grey because of a book that seems to be very popular at the moment. It is an erotic novel and I decided to buy it. I have ordered it on my kindle so I can read it in secret J. I want to see if it is as great as everyone has made out. I will report back once I have finished.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! -x-

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