Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Best news EVER!

I have just been told the best news ever. Melissa has got her visa and is on her way to me. Well to the UK but what the hell she is coming to me J

I am so excited about this. She should arrive the beginning of June which is so close.

So in other news, I had a great weekend. Friday was spent pretty much not doing anything. Didn’t even manage the ironing. Then Saturday I went to London for my brother in laws birthday. We sung till our hearts content and had a great time.

Sunday I went to my sisters for dinner and watched a film and then yesterday was spent trying to sort my room out (I have a lot of junk in there) and trying to start packing for the holiday.

I have been contacted by someone online who I think I may be interested it. I am not sure yet but I think I will reply. I have also just read that Cheryl Cole is trying out online dating as well. I have started a trend J.

I am a bit annoyed with James from the speed dating. He ticked and was ticked by some girls but has decided that he is not going to meet up with them. His reason – he doesn’t know if he likes them. Duh is that not what a date is all about. Just because you go it does not mean you are committed to marry that person. I told him this but I am not sure he was really listening. Silly boy!

Anyway I hope you all had a great weekend! -x-

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