Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Ok today is the day. Speed dating or as it is advertised, slow dating. The reason for this is because unlike the normal 3 minutes you actually get 4. Apparently you have more of a chance to know how you feel about someone in 4 minutes rather than 3. We will see won't we. I am just hoping it doesn’t all go horribly wrong and I in fact wish it had only been 3 minutes. A male friend of mine has decided to join us tonight which could be interesting. He is very nervous but as I have said, we never have to see these people again if we don’t want to.

Really what is the worst that can happen. Yes I may spill my drink, have food stuck in my teeth, fall off my chair. Ok I don’t want to go anymore!! Just playing! I cannot wait. I am so excited. Not just because I might meet a potential but just because I think it will be really funny. Also I thought about doing this from the moment I first started the blog and it is finally here.

Now what to wear. I am thinking jeans and a nice top. I don’t want to look too overdressed but in the same instance I want to make it look like I have made an effort. I know Dana has her outfit all planned out already. I think she is more excited than me about it! J

So speaking of Dana we have actually booked to go away to Dublin for the weekend in June. I cannot wait. This is what the whole single life is really all about. Also speaking of Dana, I received a message from her this morning. It would seem she met up with “the boy” last night and to say they had a little fun would be an understatement. Actually 8 times fun! Good girl, and boy I might add.

I completely forgot to tell you guys about what happened Friday night. As you know I went out for a curry with work. Well when I got home I received some messages from Mr FWB. I won’t go into exactly what they said but let’s just say the last one implied he wanted a little fun. Actually it did not imply it, it outright asked for it. Uh I don’t think so Mr. I am no one’s booty call. I just deleted the message and went to sleep. I was so proud of myself and I hope you guys are too. See I really am trying.

Anyway wish me luck for tonight. You never know Mr right might be just 4 minutes away! –x-

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