Monday, 2 April 2012

How the weekend really turned out!

So on Saturday morning I mentioned that I was going to have a quiet night in and watch a film. I had after all been out on the Friday night. Well that didn’t happen. Instead Dana happened. At about half 5 I got a message from her asking if I fancied going out for the night and to get to hers for 7. After a short time of “should I, shouldn’t I” I decided what the hell and went.

The night consisted of lots of drinks, lots of dancing and some boy kissing J

However it wasn’t all great. I foolishly messaged Mr FWB as I was out in his home town and was having a joke about it however he failed to acknowledge this and therefore left me feel like a prized idiot. I suppose it has helped me a little bit as his utter lack of respect for me has shown that he isn’t someone I want to be friends with and therefore from this moment on I will be sticking to work related topics of conversation only and nothing else. I saw him this morning when I pulled into the car park and did what any self-respecting woman would do. I hid in my car till he was out of sight. Good work singlegirl. That told him didn’t it.

So back to Saturday night. Yes I kissed a boy. I believe he was nice however the consumed alcohol may have aided this thinking. We swapped numbers and did message each other afterwards a couple of times but I do really think it was just a one-time thing. A good one time thing however!

Sunday was pretty much a write off for me having had a lack of sleep and suffering with a terrible hangover. Maybe I am getting too old for all this. Who am I kidding. I will never be too old!


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