Thursday, 5 April 2012

The effects of others

How is it other people control how we are feeling so much. You can be happy and on top of the world one minute and then suddenly someone can say or do something that brings everything crashing down. Do people realise what they are doing to you and therefore in turn do you realise what you are doing to others. Maybe everyone should be a little more honest about their feelings and say “I am not happy”. Maybe if we told each other how we really felt instead of keeping it bottled up it wouldn’t feel so bad when things don’t go quite so right.

Also why do we go looking for trouble. For example Saturday night with me messaging Mr FWB. I knew it was going to end in tears (I didn’t actually cry I might add) but I knew as I was doing it that it wasn’t right. I still did it though and therefore by him not replying he managed to control how I felt for the rest of the weekend.

Ok so you are all probably thinking about where this post has suddenly come from. Well the reason is I just spoke with Mr FWB – don’t everyone shout at me – and we chatted for a short while but then he just stopped talking. Didn’t even say goodbye or anything. He just stopped talking! This has left me once again feeling pretty crappy and thinking once again that we do only talk when he wants to. If he is not interested in chatting then we don’t.

Does he realise how I feel after things like this? No I do not think he does. At the end of the day he isn’t doing it to be spiteful. He is just doing it. So back to my first statement of should we tell people the effects they have on us or do we just let it pass us by and pretend like everything is ok to just keep the peace. As my very annoying art teacher used to say “Answers on a postcard”.


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