Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Head or heart?

So the time has come to decide between the head and the heart.

Well after a lot of going back and forth I have finally made my decision. As hard as it is I have to follow….. my head!

I do not think Mr FWB deserves my friendship and if I am honest I do not think he even cares either way and is just going through the motion. There is too much that I am angry with him for and that is not going to go away whilst I am still talking to him. I haven’t actually told him any of this yet as since Thursday I have not spoken to him. I do not plan to ignore him but if he does contact me then I am going to explain the situation to him.

Anyway now that has been decided onto more exciting things. My travel plans! Myself, Steve and Olivia have decided to go to South America next year and hopefully do the rest of SE Asia and then onto Australia. Now comes the fun part of saving. At least I know all the hard work is going to go to a good cause – my happiness. J

Today is the day to start again. After speaking with my lovely friend Melissa – the girl waiting on the visa – we have decided that now is the time to think about ourselves (she has also had a little man trouble herself). So from this moment on we vow to have a more optimistic view on life and to go for what we want! –x-

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