Thursday, 26 April 2012

Last night!

I will start off by saying it was brilliant! I had so much fun and I know Dana and my male friend – James - did as well.

So the night started off with Dana arriving late (no surprise there as that girl is not known for her time keeping). Once she got to mine I drove us both to where the event was taking place. On the way Dana kept saying how nervous she was followed by saying my driving was making her sick. It really wasn’t and I am sure this was just a cover up for how she was acting. Once we finally arrived at the venue we met James outside and walked in. As it was in a location that wasn’t just held for speed dating there were people everywhere. It was fun to try and work out who was and wasn’t there for the same thing.

We checked in and as I was the first girl on the scene I was number 1. Dana was a couple of girls behind me at 3. I was glad we were not next to each other as I think she could have been a distraction. We mingled around for about 10 minutes talking to some of the people there and getting a bit of a feel for some of the guys. I didn’t really like this part that much as we were striking up conversations with them and I wanted to save my questions for the actual event. Anyway the hosts told us it was time to start and the girls took their seats. James was pared with Dana first which was funny but I think it helped both of them as they were quite nervous and it gave them some time to settle into it. I do think Dana was winding him up a little though. Poor boy.

So the idea is you have a sheet of paper with numbers, names and a section to fill in some basic information about each other. At the end was a tick box which is obviously where you decide if you want to see the person again or not. My first date sat down and he was lovely. I really couldn’t have asked for a better one to start the evening. The conversation flowed easily and we actually ran out of time. Shame but that’s the idea of the night. Tick for him J

I then spoke to another 9 guys before they called a break. I found it really hard to talk and write at the same time and was glad for the break so I could catch up. I had even missed writing down some people’s names. Luckily Dana had them all so I copied her sheet. Myself, Dana and James re-united to catch up on what had happened so far and swap stories. We all agreed we were having a great time and we were glad we had come.

So after 15 minutes we were called to sit back down and I saw another 10 guys. All of them the conversation flowed easily but for most of them there wasn’t really any sparks. Luckily there was no awkward silences. The end of the evening arrived and there was time to have a chat to everyone as a group. The 3 of us decided at this point to call it a night and head home.

Today we have all had to go online and put down who we were interested in and see who ticked us. I will be interesting to see who thought what of each other. Fingers crossed I get a match J

Anyone thinking of maybe going I would say 100% give it a go. I had an excellent night and cannot wait to go again! –x-

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