Sunday, 15 April 2012

The mistake

Well people I made a huge mistake on Friday night. Yes that is right I slept with Mr FWB. I don’t know why but I got caught up in the moment of having a drink with him and some others after work and then ended back at his. Obviously I am not stupid and I knew what was likely to happen if I went back and it did. I stayed the night and then left the following morning. I knew as soon as I left it was wrong. Actually I think I knew as it was happening that I shouldn’t be doing it but it was a massive weak moment for me.

Anyway today I found out that he actually has a girlfriend. I had my suspicions before but as he had been in contact with me for most of last week I thought maybe that was done with. Obviously not. Now I am not saying I wanted to be with him but it does really really hurt to think I was so foolish. He messaged me today and told me we shouldn’t have done it which made me feel wonderful. He had been the one to initiate it and ask me round etc. After a lot of tears and a hug from my Dad (he doesn’t know exactly what has happened just that we have been in contact again) I have to say I still feel rubbish. It has made me more determined to get the heck out of this place and go away next year. I just wish it could come sooner.

So we all slip up and make mistakes. I just hope I am strong enough now to never ever make the same mistake again. I hope people are not too disappointed with me and for any that are; I promise you are no way near as disappointed in me as I am in myself! L -x-

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