Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Dana update

In my excitement of wanting to tell you about my weekend I forgot to tell you about Dana’s antics. The girl is seeing a boy. Now I call him a boy because he is 23 years old! She however is 31.

Do I think there is something wrong in this? No I do not. I really do believe age is just a number however I do not think it will go anywhere as I find it hard to believe he will be mature enough for a relationship with someone of Dana’s age. She is going to be looking to settle down and I cannot see that a 23 year old is going to want to do this. Hell I don’t even want to do this and I am a lot older than him.

It is just a bit of fun for her at the moment and I know this because she was engaged in a session of lip locking with someone else on Saturday night but it is always nice to have a backup plan isn’t it J. Good girl!

Mr FWB update – well he has tried to speak to me and apologised for not replying to my message but I have pretty much kept it polite but simple. I still do not think he deserves me as a friend so for the time being we will be work colleagues and nothing else.


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