Thursday, 15 August 2013

The book and Mr Wise

So Mr Wise has been reading “the book” and his initial response to me when I asked what he thought of it was “The book is giving away all our secrets”. This was the exact response I was hoping for. If he had said that it was a load of rubbish and nothing was true then I think I would have been a little upset.

I found the book amazing when I read it and a little life changing “Goodbye Mr FWB” that I didn’t want my bubble to be burst. He has said that he thinks more women should read this as it would help them a lot and I completely agree.

He had some other comments that he just said to me and I am going to be pretty cheeky and just copy and paste what he wrote (sorry Mr Wise, nothing is secret round here)

The bits about how a guy introduces you are pretty spot on, eg, by name, girlfriend, wife etc. If a guy doesn't care he will just give your name

Men like sex, fact!

We do try and do everything we can to make things right (fixers) and we like to make sure the ones we care about are provided for however we can. It goes back to the old days of hunter / gather thing. Sometimes we don't get it right, but we will always be trying, even though it doesn't seem like it.

Now he hasn’t finished the book yet and I have asked for a complete report once he does but come on ladies who are reading  this blog, if a man is worried about this book then it has to be good J


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