Friday, 25 October 2013

Wow what a week

I genuinely do not think I have ever been as busy or as stressed as what I have been this week. That teamed up with not drinking, not eating chocolate and not being to exercise has made me one very grumpy girl.

I am missing sex now too. You guys probably haven't been counting like me but it has been 6 months. 6 long hard months. To some this may not seem long but to me who barely went 2 weeks without it before it seems to feel like a lifetime. Although I moan I am not too bothered. If I look at some of my friends Olivia it has been 8 months, the super sidekick it has almost been 9 and my old room mate it has been a year. Christ one of my friends it has been years and I mean years. Anyway I guess what I am saying is I shouldn't moan too much and is it really all that important if I don't have it.

Guess it is better than sleeping around with randomers - or is it?!


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