Friday, 1 November 2013

Its Madrid baby!

That's right people, I have finally broken away from work and am now currently sat at the airport waiting to fly to Spain.

I have to say I do love that about living in the UK. Not many people can say "Oh I am just popping over to Spain for the weekend" but us good old British can. We have so much on our door step that anyone who has never left the country should be ashamed of themselves.

Anyway off to Spain I head for a weekend of girl talk, alcohol and dancing. Might even try and throw a nice Spanish man into the mix too if I am lucky! If I haven't told you I am going to visit my old roommate which I am really excited about as I have missed her loads since she left.

Also I did it guys. I managed to go a whole 31 days without any alcohol or chocolate! I plan to fall off the wagon in a dramatic style later on tonight. I cannot wait!

Right I better sign off as I need to go and do the normal things you do when you are at an airport - duty free shopping!! Oh and try not to miss my flight.

Have a great weekend all


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