Saturday, 16 November 2013

Is it unfair?

So I have just been driving back from seeing Olivia for the last time in a long while and on the journey home I had a lot of time to be left with my own thoughts (never good).

I was reflecting on my life and mostly my love life and all I kept thinking was how all of my ex's were now happy and with someone else whilst I was alone. Now the alone part does not bother me, what really bothers me is why do they get to be happy when each and every single one of them were not exactly lovely to me and all left me with scars I will never get rid of.

Is that fair? Why do they get to have what they want and where is the karma?

The other side I guess is I do not know what goes on behind closed doors and they could in fact be miserable. We can but hope :o)

Also I believe my Mr perfect is out there somewhere and the world has a plan for me to meet him one day and stick two fingers up to those arses that did me wrong!

Happy Saturday night guys. Hope whilst mine is filled with thoughts yours are filled with alcohol and dancing!


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