Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wow what a weekend

Hey guys, sorry for the late weekend update but boy was it an interesting one

Friday night was a bit of a miss. I won’t go into too much detail as I am over it now but let’s just say some people from work let me down a little bit and therefore I was left with no plans sat watching TV on my sofa

Saturday night however was not boring at all. It was all a bit dramatic if I am honest.

The day started out like any normal day. I went shopping, had a sunbed (yes I do that) and got ready to go and see my friend. You may remember previously me mentioning her, she is the girl who split up with her husband last year and got a new boyfriend. Well she moved with him closer to where I lived so I decided to pay her a visit.

We spent the afternoon catching up and having some wine in the garden (has to be done when it is sunny) and then in the evening we headed out to her local town for some dinner and drinking. Well my friends this is where the day took an amazing twist.

Now before I carry on I want to let you know that when I drink I am a pretty loving person, so much more so than when I am sober. However that night you would have certainly thought differently.

We ended up meeting up with her boyfriend and his friends. Whilst the friends were lovely her boyfriend was an utter tool and got so drunk that all he wanted to do was pick fights all the time. Anyway he got carried away and for no reason started shouting and threatening me. Obviously I was not going to stand for this and in a very classy way I stood up, told him never to talk to me in that way again and threw my drink (still in the bottle) at him. Before you all go “Whoa noo” the bottle was plastic and had it been anything else I would have never done it. Just to add to this it was filled with a very sticky orange drink which went all over him J

Ok I shouldn’t be proud but he did deserve it – I promise

Anyway that ended the night and I headed back to theirs and left pretty early in the morning. He is not someone I really wanted spend too much time with.

Sunday was spent feeling sorry for myself and watching my new male roommate move in (more on that to come)

I hope your weekends were a little better than mine and you didn’t have to throw anything at any one


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