Monday, 9 September 2013

So many emotions, not enough time

Happy Monday people!

It is cold, wet and miserable here in the UK so I thought rather than the normal grumpy Monday morning post I would try being a little more upbeat, hence the “Happy Monday”.

I had a good active weekend this weekend gone which I always love. I am not one who can sit around doing nothing and when people say things like “Oh I am just having a chilled one this weekend” I never really know what that means. I can imagine people just sitting around on their sofas in their PJ’s watching rubbish TV and eating. Now whilst I do not mind doing that for maybe a couple of hours I certainly cannot do it for a whole weekend. I have a bit of an attention issue and always find myself getting distracted by my phone or just really bored and fidgety.

Anyway my weekend was not “chilled” at all. Friday night I went out with my roomie (the girl one) and got rather drunk. There were no dramas and it was just a nice night which saw us end it at 4am Saturday morning sat on our living room floor eating pizza.

Saturday morning (yes morning) my Mum came round to take me to a snowboarding lesson we had booked. It was really good fun and definitely something we will do again before I head off to the great Oz.

Saturday night I was supposed to be going bowling with the family and friends but there was a problem at the bowling alley so we ended up playing board games at my sisters. Who doesn’t love a board game night.

Yesterday I went for a 3 mile run followed by removing sofas and replacing them with new ones at the house (not so exciting).

Now I titled this post as “So many emotions, not enough time” because in that weekend I went through the following ones

A little stress

And to top it all off an emotion I could not describe. Basically I found out that my ex-husband was having a baby with someone else and I genuinely didn’t know what to feel. I talked it over with my Mum and she thinks in a strange way I feel betrayed. Even though we have not been together for a long time I suppose I still see him as partly mine. My first love, my first marriage, my first divorce (and last I hope).

Emotions are funny things aren’t they. I saw Mr FWB on Friday and I certainly had some emotions about him!

Anyway I hope you all had a chilled/active weekend (depending on how you like i) J


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