Monday, 15 July 2013


This weekend I learned that two girls who I used to be very close with had gotten either engaged or pregnant and it made me reflect on friends and what they actually mean to me. 

Now I do not know why these girls are no longer my friends. It was their choices and they never actually told me the reasons behind their decisions. Anyway I am not bothered about it and I guess people are just funny like that.

It did however make me think about how I felt about friendships these days and what I do differently now to how I used to act.

I guess one thing I am more aware is how some people do not actually make an equal effort when it comes to making contact etc. I have often asked certain people if they want to do things to have them say no and then never actually ask me in return. It is quite a lot of the time very one-sided for one reason or another and I think these days I have realised this a lot more and therefore not contacted those people to see if I hear from them or not. You can probably guess the outcome of that little experiment.

As I said though I am ok with this a lot more now than I was when I was younger, as it just makes the real true friends stand out more and these are the people I want to spend investing my time in. It is funny because I think some of "the book" could be used towards friends as well as men and maybe I should use some of the suggestions for a lot more things in my life!

Anyway I hope you all had a good weekend and for my English readers you are enjoying the very rare summer weather!


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