Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Men are also crazy – fact!

This is just a very quick post to mention how crazy some men are. They like to think it is just us females but this is not true. We are emotional and yes sometimes get a little out of control but we are not the only ones.

Hotel boy is driving me up the wall. First he ignored me, followed by messaging me like everything is fine and then moaning that I never ask him any questions. Uh excuse me, maybe if you answered me in the first place I would be encouraged to ask some more. He then proceeded to get a serious attitude with me about how he forget and for me to basically deal with it.

Not sure if he is trying the treat them mean keep them keen thing but it is not working with me. At the end of the day he is purely entertainment for me and nothing else. If I was that bothered I would try and make more of an effort to see him however I suppose always in the back of my mind is that I am leaving.

Anyway I am sure he will come crawling back at some point this week like he always does. This time however maybe I will ignore him!


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