Monday, 13 May 2013

Exciting news

So I can now shout it from the rooftops. My super sidekick is pregnant. Yep that’s right totally and completely up the duff.

I have had to keep this a secret for what feels like forever but she has now had her 12 week scan so I can open my big mouth and tell the world. I honestly do not know how I have managed to keep quiet for so long. I am terrible at keeping secrets. I think this one is different though as I am very much about tempting fate and would have been devastated if I had told people and something terrible had happened.

Anyway I didn’t and it didn’t so we can all be happy now

I am trying to get my head around how I feel about it. She is younger than I am so part of me is thinking should it be me (not in the jealous way) but more of should my life have gone that way rather than what is going on now. Then the other part is thinking dear lord what would I do if it was me and that scares the life out me.

I think one thing I know for sure, I am certainly not ready to have any children of my own anytime soon. Not that I have a choice right now with being the “Singlegirl”. However I think one day I might entertain the idea. Who knows. Need to find that Mr Right first.

Speaking of Mr Right, I had a conversation with Hotel Boy Friday night (and before you all jump up and shout at me, I am not saying he is my Mr Right) however we did have a very interesting conversation about moving away and living some dream life. As Melissa said though we are not too sure that he doesn’t realise I am being serious J. Not that any of that matters now as the boy has done his normal hot and cold thing and is now being really distant. Up to him if he wants to be a game player, I just hope he stops before I get bored of him.

The rest of my weekend went by with fun, laughter and a little bit of Karaoke. All in all a good weekend J


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